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Social Incubation Lab is an inclusive creative space for youth to put their ideas into action through skill-value-knowledge based education, training, and activities. Social Incubation Lab, enable youth to engage in the community, empower them to enhance their capacity and encourage them to create and lead social initiatives that addresses injustice in their community through compassionate, courageous and collaborative leadership. 

Social Incubation Lab by CAPTAINS Social Solution in collaboration with Peace First is the first of its kind in the world by a youth-led social enterprise to promote social volunteering and support youth initiatives through youth empowerment programs, capacity development training, personalised mentorship, $250 funding, networking, and value based collaboration. Social Incubation Labs aims to build an ecosystem for youth in schools and college to be an active global citizen by engaging, enhancing, empowering and enabling them to get involved and connected with social initiatives and communities. 

VISION: To build an ecosystem for youth to be an active global citizen


MISSION: To enable youth to engage  in community, empower youth to enhance their capacity and encourage youth to create and lead initiatives that address the social issues through skill-value-knoweldge based education, activities and training


We believe that young people have the power to change the world. At Social Incubation Center, we empower young social volunteers from youth under 25 years old with the resources they need to make a difference. Whether it’s starting a non-profit or encouraging friends to do good, our programs help youth develop the skills and confidence to become innovative and powerful influencers of change and the next wave of leaders in social entrepreneurship. The Social Incubation Lab provided an intensive program for youth under 25 years old who are looking to take action and deepen their understanding of a social issue they’re passionate about. This program will focus on the ideation stage of creating a social initiative, giving participants the opportunity to brainstorm an idea for a social project, enterprise, service or product, and develop their leadership skills. Budding social volunteers will become experts on their chosen issue while building the necessary skills to take their world-changing ideas further. This program empowers young social volunteers to develop and launch their own social enterprise, giving them access to helpful resources and mentorship. They will also have the unique opportunity to expand their networks with like-minded people and take the next step in making their world-changing idea into a reality.

We promote youth-led social initiatives by guiding them right from the stage when social problems are articulated and the possible solutions are proposed, to ensure that these initiatives create impactful and sustainable solutions at appropriate scale. The process also provides social opportunities for experimentation and exploration of newer solutions and methods. The major activities undertaken by the Social Incubation Centre are identification of volunteer, creation of projects, mentoring, seed funding, networking, resources. The initiatives remain under active incubation support for one year, They are encouraged and supported to  become independent and self-supporting.


  • Should be an Indian citizen

  • Should be of age group 13 to 25


  • To enable youth to be an active global citizen

  • To enhance the skills, values and knowledge of youth

  • To empower the capacity, potential and creativity of youth

  • To engage the youth in the community and promote volunteerism

  • To encourage youth-led social initiatives to solve problems in their community

  • To develop compassionate, courageous & collaborative leadership among youth

  • To build a creative space for youth to meet, learn and work together

  • To create and support impactful youth-led social initiatives to bring sustainable social changes in the community.

  • To incubate ideas, evaluate solutions & act as a support system to enhance the growth and impact of initiatives by youth.

  • To invest in youth by providing tools, resources, skills, network, funding and opportunities.

  • To promote and share the stories and impact of youth initiatives to the world.

  • To bridge the gap between youth, community and opportunities

  • To creating an inclusive sustainable ecosystem for social volunteers and organisations, through practising and promoting initiatives addressing United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

  • To identify injustices in the communities, understand systems of power and root causes of injustice develop compassionate solutions to address injustice and turn the ideas and thoughts into actions through a specific and measurable action plan.



  • Access to grant of $250 to put your ideas into action.

  • Access to 25+ skill-value-knowledge based sessions and training

  • Access to one year training and personalised mentorship to develop a social initiative.

  • Access to grab exposure for self-development and to exhibit leadership skills

  • Access to gain opportunities and collaboration of United Nations/Government/International/National and Community organisations.

  • Access to guided, self-paced learning journey that supports young people to create and launch a social change project, built on 20+ years of successful school-based work and developed in partnership with the Harvard Graduate School of Education by Peace First

  • Access to tools and resources developed over Peace First’s 30 years of supporting young people, to build a just and peaceful world, to deepen your learning and support your project planning 

  • Access to opportunities to gain exposure for your work, including being featured publicly through a public project page and social media platforms

  • Access to get connected with community of social activist, youth leaders, and youth-led initiatives. Become part of changemakers in your region and around the world.

  • Access to community-building, and leadership development opportunities.

  • Access to further funding opportunities and network with our partner organisations.

  • Access to organise sessions, workshops. hackathons, summits and conferences


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