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What is Social Change Stories?

Got an inspiring story to tell? We'd love to share it to the world! 💬

Social Change Stories aims to document the positive impact stories of social organisation/institutions and outreach it to the youth community to promote volunteerism.

📣 Share Your Story:

We are looking to collaborate and create an inclusive space for social organisations and institutions in India to showcase and feature their initiatives to gain exposure and community support. We provide them with network, training, mentorship and funding opportunities worth $250-$2500 for scaling up their initiatives. An initiative of CAPTAINS Social Solution in support of Peace First, a global incubator of youth-led social change.

🏅 Perks:

1) Showcase your initiatives to the world and inspire others to volunteer.

2) Be a part of the Social Solutions India Community

3) Get to connect, network, and collaborate with changemakers and organisations

4) Opportunity to host capacity development and training sessions for volunteers

5) Get a chance to pitch your idea and receive funding of $250 - $2500 by Peace First

6) Receive updates about volunteering opportunities and collaborate with initiatives

7) Receive guidance, mentorship, and funding to begin a new project.

8) Internship and Fellowship opportunities for volunteers

9) Opportunities to gain exposure for your work, including being featured on our website and social media

10) Certificate of Appreciation to all volunteers who initiated the project.

For more information connect us on +919496170125 or email us on

©️ CAPTAINS Social Solutions

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