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Vishnavi - Selected for The Social Hackathon 1.0

Vishnavi is currently pursuing an under graduation from Madapally Govt college in Political science and have always believed in the power of liberating and ethical education in its capability to bring about changes in the society. She has been particularly sure about the Impact of words hence always loved to author contents for changes and have been working with collectives which have been promoting sustainable and inclusive growth. She believed the eradication of strata of differences from science to necessities is the first step towards the Change and believes youth have a major role being to be the bridge.


  • Traumatic experiences can initiate strong emotions and physical reactions that can persist long after the event. These reactions often interfere with the child’s ability to function and interact with others and hence, his/ her daily activities.

  • Experiences of racism and discrimination can increase a child’s risk for traumatic stress symptoms.

  • When love and affection along with acceptance are scarce, it leads to starvation and under-nourishment of one’s consciousness. Adoption laws in India, understandably, provide a stringent procedure, whereas the red-tapism involved in adopting a child is time-consuming and tedious. This in turn add to the problem of overcrowding in institutions.

  • Without quality education, children will face a future of thwarted ambitions and broken dreams. Some out of anger and frustration may also turn to extremism and violence.

  • There are not enough homes for sibling groups. Also, the majority of couples prefer children below 5 years of age during adoption.

  • Another challenge is finding homes for older children. This is especially acute for those who age out of the system, usually at age 18.

  • A feeling of home is never inculcated into the children when there is a constant shift between shelter homes. Such a lifestyle leads to them not finding rhythm or stability.


  • Establishing a home with 8 children and making them feel seen and heard by a caring adult will put the child at ease. Essence of family along with proper counseling need to be provided to conquer their insecurities.

  • Inculcating a sense of social confidence and personal efficacy by reintroducing the children to our redefined concept of family. Studies have proven that families help in bringing down emotional trauma and lessen anxiety, especially for kids who were exposed to the dark side of society.

  • A feeling of togetherness and wellbeing will be extended by the family formed in foster care. The children will never be allowed to feel lonely and the se