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Vinisha PS - Primary Short-listed Nominee - Social Volunteer Awards 2021

For me, I prefer my self as a companion than a superior while being volunteering. I wish to be a spark in everyone's mind, although I can touch them with the kindness of my activities. Thus, I believe my service will reflect the society for small or big things. My greatest strength is being adaptable to every situation and interpersonal. Being a learner is my motto. As a social engineer, I would like to reform the society with my services. I will be there for the young minds as a counsellor for their future. To be with the resourceful and hard-working young to the society.


According to me "being a volunteer who expresses a willingness to undertake a service", You do not volunteer for the pursuit of a monetary prize or recognition. I understood that I am helping, and I believe that I am capable of inciting change and making progress. In some way, large or small, capable of doing good. Social responsibility is often a driving force when it comes to volunteerism. When you are a volunteer, you are making connections. You are connected with the community.


For me volunteering mind is cannot be made, it's growing inside when you're grown up. My volunteering journey was started in Social club and JRC from 6th standard. Leading plus two with Women cell and local clubs then finally NSS technical cell which paved my path for volunteering. And that gain a chance to be part of AFRC, SSS, SRS, TGF and Youth brigade. Which is almost 14 years of volunteering journey. My greatest inspiration is my family : Father, who's always being engaged with the social works since my childhood and present. He was always engaged with the social works rather than our family matters. He is the entity which i follow and yearn to become. StilL he is working with KILA, Panchayath service society, convenor for Gramasabhas and etc. And he honoured with the award for "Covid-19 prathirodha pravarthanangalum ente pachappum" from MLA.


My volunteering journey start with my schooling period. I was keen observing into the other activities too. During that time I am a JRC volunteer and Social club convenor, engaged in various activities at my school time. Surroundings of school cleaning, plastic free ground, awareness program conducted and coordinated for anti-Narcotic's and AIDS, slogan creations, placard making for waste management etc. We are clean up the famous tourist spot near our school, Soojipara. During my HSS time I was in Women cell and various clubs and coordinated a sex education program for juniors. And got a chance to legal service study for teenagers, and I was the representative of district level legal service program, and gain first runner-up 2012. Coming to my Btech life, active participant in various associations for the activities inside the campus. NSS technical cell, the first unit of our college, is one of the result of our effort. And being an NSS volunteer for the period of three years made me as a passionate towards volunteerism. We're all engaged with various activities inside and outside our campus. Information technology awareness project through the villages in Ullyeri Panchayath, data entry work for KSEB, No hunger Calicut, AGRIMA 2016, Punarjjani 2016-2018, State level adventure camp at Trissur. In 2019 i served as a Social skill Promoter for SSS &SRS and acquired a great privilege for got a chance to coordinate 35 institutions from Kasarkod to Trivandrum. And conducted a state level awareness program for program officers from the colleges. And conducted a stress relief program for old age home, Bethlahem abhayabhavan. I also got a chance to serving flood relief camp volunteer, 2018 &2019. And I was coordinated an education project for economically backward students. Coordinator for Womens empowerment program with AFRC Kalpetta 2019. And Covid-19 disaster management, 2020 with Meppadi gramapanchayath and palliative care. And actively engaged with various volunteering activities with youth brigade Meppadi, 2021.

PROJECT Lives on the Edges

ORGANISATION Kerala Institute of Local Administration and Panchayath