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Urwah Mohammad Jawaid - Selected for National Volunteers Hackathon 2021

Updated: Nov 27, 2021

Urwah Mohammad Jawaid, hailing from Srinagar, Kashmir is currently an undergraduate student at Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Jadavpur University. Coming from a place of conflict, she has experienced how badly the media twists the truth into a completely different story, hence influencing the opinion of the general public for worse. This is the reason why she wishes to bring a change in the news-reporting scenario of the country. She feels deeply for those communities whose actions have been misinterpreted due to the politically driven media and with the passage of days, her motive to work for the truthful media representation strengthens. She dreams to achieve a form of information flow that does justice to the society as a whole. She has been a part of various relief works and has shared her thoughts on various platforms through public speaking and writing. After becoming a computer science student and getting exposed to technological know-how, she has decided to apply this knowledge to bring an impact on social causes that desperately need attention. She will keep working to achieve these goals.

SOCIAL ISSUE The lack of proper information flow regarding local injustices in India. PROPOSED SOLUTION By creating a platform which makes knowing and understanding the issue easier by providing a quiz space for the issues. The quizzes would be curated to focus on the causes at grass-root level. CONCERN As someone who comes from a conflict zone, whenever I meet people who is misinformed about the real scenario, my heart breaks and it angers me. This is because it is a grave injustice for me and my people that we are being portrayed in a bad light when we are completely innocent. I wish to help those in the same spot as me. PROJECT Right Feed


The project has a quizzing platform solely focused on highlighting the true nature of local injustices in the country. By getting information from an interactive interface, the user is bound to gain some knowledge about the cause.


  • The true aim of the project is to work against the injustices faced by the people. We wish to achieve that by changing the misconceptions of the people and by eliminating the wrongful biases they hold.


  • GOAL 16: Peace and Justice Strong Institutions

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