Trash Mirage - The Incubated Project


Improper waste management


  • Waste collection employees, underprivileged families,

  • Mismanagement leads to system failure and pollution.

  • It Leads to disease & epidemics


  • Govt. Authorities

  • Local bodies

  • Common People

  • Large Manufactures

  • Proper waste management will reduce the chance of corruption.

  • Now waste management system is dump yard of mass corruption

  • Authorities are not ready to take risk.


Lack of efficiency of authorities.


To overcome the injustice of lack of proper collection methodologies and plannings in waste management sector, we will address this problem by creating innovative technologies and systematic planning for common people to solve their trash related issues.


  • Addressing Total waste management issues

  • Setting Advanced waste collection mechanisms

  • Building waste collection softwares using location enabled devices

  • Creating proper communication platform with b2c

  • Advance Analysis and studies in the basis of field data

  • Behavioural studies of field

  • Replicable system for developed waste management

  • Innovative vehicle designs for waste collection


  • Setting up the base team

  • Initial data collection

  • Data analysis

  • Creating route maps

  • Development of software

  • Location based system setting

  • Beta testing of softwares

  • Setting up the payment method

  • Collection vehicle designs

  • Data analysis and advanced studies

  • Creating replicable model


NAME OF TEAM: Clean Circle Pvt Ltd.

TEAM MEMBERS: Thajudeen Aboobaker


The Incubated Project through The Social Hackathon 1.0

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