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Theater in Education - The Incubated Project


Lack of sex education


  • It will affect children's and persons to their homes and the society in the social construction. We do not get this education by the current method. It affects personal life and relationships equally. It can lead to many problems. It causes conflict in children and makes them unaware of the rights of others.


  • This is the injustice shown by the system. Most inevitably, in the age we are in, man will not be able to provide accurate teaching patterns and learning methods. The system is the main reason for this


  • We have a morality. It has evolved over time through religions and cultures. One of the main reasons for this is compulsory religious studies. People have not been able to fully embrace other genders. This is a male dominated society. everyone accept this


Other genders should be studied and respected. At present we know about it only by knowing ourselves and what our friends say. This can lead to posco cases and domestic violence


  • Sex education can be imparted to children and the theater can be used for this. Talking to them will open it up to a lot of things.


  • Select a area - invite children's - make a plan with them - work together

NAME OF TEAM: Alternative

TEAM MEMBERS: Sojan Sam & Sreelakshmi B

The Incubated Project through The Social Hackathon 5.0

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