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Suhana RH - Selected for The Social Hackathon 3.0

Ms.Suhana R H is a young promising social worker from Kerala who aims at social change through children. She pursued her masters in social work from Central University of Kerala. When she was 11 years old, her passion started to grew in becoming a human to serve for vulnerable children in society. After being a part of NSS in 11th standard, her insight and desire to do something for the society took another shape, and after that she started identifying herself in a career as a social worker. She is interested in volunteer work and worked for 4 years as part of a voluntary organization "Care Others Too" & did a volunteering works in several programs like EKATA state Special Olympics, training sessions, health camps, cleaning activities and lot more. She was also a part of Green Army as well as the Indus Cycling Embassy as volunteers for several programs. She enjoys initiating programs for sustainable development through children to bring a notable change in the society through the young generation. Collaborating with Harithakerala mission and Suchitwa mission, her volunteership bought out a spark in children towards waste management by initiating several programs in Trivandrum and Kasaragod districts of Kerala State. Now she is working as a volunteer member in voluntary organization called Fireflies situated in Kasaragod . She is passionate to work for children, especially vulnerable children, and her dream is to start an organization for the welfare of vulnerable children. She sees the change in the world through the eyes of young mind like her and the very young children who can contribute a lot. She hopes to see a better world without any injustice towards children and a better tomorrow with clean nature.


Educational injustice is the major area focusing through this project, mainly considering the students who are studying in MGLC. especially in online classes and all children are not getting an individual care from the teacher so the students in MGLC is not concentrating on studies and comparing to other children after 4th standard the children from MGLC go backward in academics.


Through volunteers, the project tries to concentrate in individual care plan to each child for the students in MGLC. through online, phone contacts and physical meetings were including. a special module will set up by the organization for the students in MGLC which cover both academic and social topics. motivational training topic will cover by subject experts and through volunteers.


In between our previous programs and volunteer activities in different schools we came to know about the situation of children in 5th standard those who are coming after MGLC is so different, their living pattern, culture and all are different from other students and also the knowledge which they are gaining is also so poor. because of MGLC the teachers can't take care of each student so this situation especially in tribal areas are increasing, and the children are facing stigma when they are going to school so that the rate of drop-outs are also increasing this is why the team fireflies is addressing this issue.

PROJECT Mentor A Child ( MAC)


Mentor a child aims to provide 'one to one' mentoring for children from socially and economically backward families of Kasargod district. In this period of digital classrooms, many studies conducted in Kerala shows that students from lower income families have higher constraints in attending the online classes and many aren't participating in the online classes. Also, parents from such families find it difficult to assist their children in their studies. We aim to train volunteers to become mentors for each child. The duration of project will be one year.


To improve socio emotional development of the child - to improve physical and mental wellbeing - to improve academic learning


  • GOAL 4: Quality Education

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