Suhana RH - Primary Short-listed Nominee - Social Volunteer Awards 2021

I am Suhana R H is a young promising social worker from Kerala and my aim is to bring social change through children. I completed my masters in social work from Central University of Kerala. My parents are Govt servants and I have one younger brother, he is doing his degree. I was passionate in doing social volunteering. Now I am working as a volunteer member in voluntary organization called Fireflies situated in Kasaragod. I love to work for children, especially vulnerable children, and my dream is to start an organization for the welfare of vulnerable children. I need to bring a change in the world through the eyes of young mind like me and the very young children who can contribute a lot. I hope to see a better world without any injustice towards children and a better tomorrow with sustainable environment. I enjoyed in initiating programs for sustainable development through children to bring a notable change in the society through the young generation. Collaborating with Harithakerala mission, I'm done my project called "ENTE KARIMADOM SUNDHARA KARIMADOM" and done interventions to children to make them aware about the problems of improper waste management and also the current waste management system and activities adopt by Trivandrum municipal corporation. Make sessions through prepared module. Make cleaning activity through different games. Through children, make door to door awareness to community members. Karimadom is a place where people are not able to access easily. It was so difficult for me to coordinate children because due to corona almost the children are getting up at12.00pm. The space for sitting with children or a hall is also a big difficulty for me to coordinate them. After that I focused to build rapport with some of the children who can act as peer mentors through them, I'm done all the other activities. later I tried different methods to take the children to me through games talks sessions, different kinds of interventions etc.


Volunteering is an activity which we can do for our society without expecting anything. For me it is a kind of satisfaction and it gives a peace of mind which promotes me to do again and again for the betterment of society. Volunteering means to serve our ability for the improvement of someone else to come forward in the society. Volunteering is an art were one individual spare his/her time for others, most importantly focusing towards the betterment and development of the community.


I have been working as a volunteer from 2014 as NSS volunteer in my school. I am into this field because I have a motive and passion in engaging into social activities and do something for my society and ambition from my 5th standard to do something for the welfare of children in special need and to become a professional social worker. My inspiration to do volunteering activities is an incident which happened in my 5th standard. When I was attending a camp called CHANGATHI KOOTTAM headed by Sri Brahmna Nayakam Mahadevan from that camp I got much inspiration and from that I take a decision that I need to do something for my society and to do for people who are in need. My major inspiration to come forward for volunteering and to do something for the society is Mr Brahma Nayakam Mahadevan sir, who inspires me and also after my 12th standard he gives opportunity to volunteer in several programs like, to be part of volunteer organization called Care Others Too and also to initiate programs in his school Sahajeevan which is a special school , and also he is giving so much inputs to improve and polish my volunteer career. He is the stepping stone and major turning point of my Volunteering journey. Why I am continuing my volunteering journey because it gives me immense pleasure and happiness and also it is a major source to heal my sorrows. Volunteering helps me to connect with so many people who are dedicated in doing something for the society and it gives so many opportunity to work with people who are likeminded and also connect with so many organization which provides volunteering activities to youth. Volunteering helps me to improve my life skills which are communication, leadership quality, acceptance, non-judgmental attitude , decision making , to take up several initiatives, to organize activities etc. so volunteering helps me to improve my volunteering career and also my personal life , volunteering career helps me to poster my better version to the community And it also helps to improve my Professional career as Social Worker.


When I was studying in 5th standard I was attended a camp which was headed by Mr. Brahma Nayakam Mahadevan called Changathikoottam from that I got an eye opener to do something for our society or need to do something which reflects in my life. During my 11th standard when I was studying in stmarys HSS School and I joined in National Service Scheme, from that my ambition is to become professional social worker. I was actively participated in all the activities conducted by NSS and also I selected for Pre-RD camp from school but unfortunately I didn’t select because of my health condition. Mainly in my school period I was involved in waste management activities under Trivandrum Corporation and also Thanal (environment organization) from those days I have an interested to understand and work more on waste management activities. During my NSS period me with other NSS volunteer done fund raising to construct a house for our friend. We collected old news papers from different residents associations in Trivandrum and we collected almost 5lakh rupees. After completing my 12th I joined for BSW because I need to become a professional social worker , but unfortunately my college didn’t have much exposure which I was expected later while interacting with my mentor I came to know about an organization called Care Others Too. Which is an initiative by youth studying in different colleges across Trivandrum? October 2nd 2016 I stated working with Care Others Too and organizes several programs in special schools, orphanages, old age homes, different schools etc. as part of COToo(care others too) done a volunteer work in Trivandrum District Special Olympics . Some initiatives like Railway station cleaning programs, Drug awareness campaigns were organized under this organization. In collaboration with Big FM done a New Year night for special students. Volunteered in state special Olympics held at LNCPE Trivandrum called EKATA and become a part of Guinness world records for the largest human image of santa hat formation and Asia book of records recognized EKATA for uniting 22500 participants from all over Kerala. Later as volunteer mentor I joined in Green Army of Trivandrum corporation. through Green Army played a role of students mentor and be part of Green Congress 2018 and involved in planning and execution of the program. Also involved in Haritha Nagarothsavam 2017 and 2018 conducted in different schools in Trivandrum. Care Others Too adopted a school called Sisuvihar UPS and we organizes several initiatives in that school waste management activities, skill development programs, motivational activities, cleaning program, preparation of vegetable garden and also Haritha Nagarothsavam. Later I was joined in Indus Cycling Embassy Trivandrum . and involved in several activities to promote cycling and played a role of students mentor and help students to conduct different programs like CYCLOLSAVAM and all. During first flood and second as part of Green Army and Trivandrum corporation I actively involved in Trivandrum corporation collection centre. In first flood I was involved in psycho social first aid for survivors of kerala flood disaster organized by NIMHANS and Women and Child Development Government of Kerala and I opted Idukki for giving my service this volunteering work is a major turning point in my life. I volunteered for taking Data of annual status of education report ASER 2018 which is the largest citizen-led education survey in India. Later completing my Graduation I joined for MSW in Central University Kasaragod for the time being I left from all the works and activities which I was involved in Trivandrum. in kasargod I joined in a volunteering organization called Fireflies which promotes volunteering among youth. Through Fireflies I involved in several activities like Adayalangal, Preparation of vegetable garden, color a smile project, Recycle project later I joined as a member of fireflies in networking and collaboration wing and organizes Adayalangal program at Varkala. As part of sustera foundation involved in beach cleaning activity in Trivandrum. later in Lock down period started a new initiative called Kumbil to promote online volunteering space. And organizes drawing competitions for children, become part of special cyclolsavam, onam celebration for special students etc. in lock down period me with my class mates started a professional startup through online called STORM social work trainees on a responsible mission. Through online platform we organizes several programs like competitions , webinars, open talk etc. as part of Suchitwa mission Kasaragod executed a campaign called Clean Mangalpady Green Mangalpady through NSS volunteer to support waste management activities of that panchayath. With the help of Krishi Bhavan Kasaragod initiated vegetable garden in Koraga Tribal Community to involve women members in engaging pesticide free vegetable. Give training sessions saplings etc to engage them. As part of Haritha- Kerala mission Trivandrum done an initiative in Karimadom a urban slum to solve the waste management problem of the community. I executed the program through youth and children. Give several activities and training sessions to involve the children in waste management activities this was a major volunteering initiative which I have done in my life. This is my volunteering journey.






The project was done in between my Internship period and I take up a volunteer initiative to start a waste management activity in Karimadom Community through children. The project was started in 18/03/2021 and still on processing the objectives of the project are

• To know the current waste management system of the area

• To measure the types and quantity of waste generated in the community

• To know the practice and knowledge of household towards waste management

• To understand the behaviour of children towards waste management

• To make the community green and develop the community for a sustainable model of practice through children

Why I choose Karimodom

• A Proper Waste Management System Like Community Aerobic Bin, Mini Mcf, Service Providers Are Available In Karimadom

• Still The People Of Karimadom Is Not Using The System In A Proper Manner

• Dumping In Road Sides , Ponds Etc Are A Daily Activity Of Community Members

• Youth Organization Is Active In The Community .

Activity 1

DONE PRIMARY WASTE MANAGEMENT SURVEY IN HOUSHOLD Used simple random sampling. To understand the current waste management activities done by the community members.


• there is no place to cordinate the children together for session and activity

• attitude of children towards trainees are in a different manner, like they are interested in games, food etc and they are expectng that from trainees

• corona change the lifestyle of children

• most of the children are waking up after 12pm

• cordinating the children in a common place is difficult


• organizing Volunteers

• give basic awareness about waste segregation

• need of waste segregation

• use of aerobic bin

• process of aerobic bin

• give assignment , what is waste

• site visit to aerobic bin

• interaction with worker , working in aerobic bin

• evaluation taken after visiting aerobic bin

2 days intervention

• 5 children where there in the first phase

• after that it become 3

• all the children are very active and they have leadership quality


• organize more peer volunteers

• give awareness about importance of waste management

• basic segregation process

• problem affected by the worker in community aerobic bin

• peer volunteers give awareness to 100 household members

2 Day Activities Where Done In The Community

• 9 Children Where Participated

• Children Are Very Active To Give Awareness To The Household

• Most Of The House Members Supported The Act Of Volunteer

• Peer volunteers Covered Almost 100 Houses

• Children Decided To Collect Plastic Waste From Houses .

activity 4

• attempt to include the children of all age

• cleaning through activity

• collected sip up covers , lays cover, biscuit cover

• give awareness towards activity

26 children where participated in the activity

• divided the children into 3 different groups and the game was conducted as 3 sessions

• all the children take it in a competative spirit and participated with their full involvement

• totally children collected

850 – sip-up covers

545 – biscuit covers

708 – lays covers

• rs. 11115 , is the estimate amount of these items

• give awareness , on the basis of this amount and the problems affected while throwing plastics in soil

• give direction to give the plastic to mini mcf


spot identification

• attempt to include children of all ages

• to identify the main waste dumping spots of the community

• to make the children aware of themselves through this method

almost 23 children participated in the activity

• all the children divided into 3 groups

• identified each spot of waste dumping and burning

• children found almost 45 spots from the community


ente karimadom sundhara karimadom

• to aware the children to know about the problem of community in waste management

to encourage children towards this activity

23 children participated

• cordinated the children

• give awareness about the improtance of our work

• distributed color pencil

• give assignment to draw on a topic “ente karimadom sundhara karimadom”

activity :- 7

bottle collection

• to involve all age group children cleaning through activity

more than 23 children participated

• children are divided into 2 groups

• 250 different types of plastic bottles were collected by children


give detailed session on the basic waste management systems provide by thiruvananthapuram municipal corporation

• give basic awareness about the waste management systems provided by thiruvananthapurm municipal corporation

16 children paticipated in the session

• give awareness on kitchen bin, pipe compost, biogas plant, aerobic bin, mcf, rrf, collection facility, service providers etc

• give an awareness about the process happening in these facilities

• give awareness on the importance of these facilities in a community

• session was taken using study material which consist of the photos of each facility


Spot visit

• to visit the waste dumping spot which children identified

• to take the photos of major dumping sites

• found 47 dumping and burning spots of waste

• from that the major 17 affected spots are identified and take the photos of each.

• make an evaluation of children, they explained about the attitude of elder people towards waste management

Major Challenges

• There was no suitable area to organize the children together for carrying out sessions and activities.

• attitude of children towards trainees are in a different manner, like they are interested in games, food etc and they are expectng that from trainees

• corona change the lifestyle of children

• most of the children are waking up after 12pm

• cordinating the children in a common place is difficult


1. involve all the members of the community