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Story of Vipin [Impact Stories #04]

"For me, true happiness lies in finding a sense of fulfillment while ensuring that my actions do not harm any living being. As a responsible member of society, I strive to bring smiles to others' faces through my own happiness."

My name is Vipin, and I am a passionate young volunteer who values connecting with people on an emotional level and supporting them in achieving their dreams. One of my strengths is the ability to identify when someone is feeling down due to a failed dream, and I find joy in providing support to help them pursue their aspirations.

In addition to volunteering, I have a deep love for painting, particularly on plain walls. While I may not be an exceptional artist, I find happiness in continuously creating art and filling the walls with moments of joy.

My journey as a volunteer began during my high school days as part of the National Service Scheme (NSS). Even after completing my education, I have remained actively involved in various initiatives. I am particularly proud of my involvement with the team KOOT, a group of young volunteers associated with the MIND Trust. In recognition of our efforts, the trust was honored with the Best NGO Award by the Kerala Social Justice Department in 2020-21. Recently, I applied for an award for young volunteers that I discovered through social media and was grateful to receive the Appreciation Award in 2022.

During my volunteering journey, I came across the Captains Social Foundation and was inspired by their commendable work in different fields. This led me to join their team. As a member of the Captains Social Foundation, we recently organized an event on June 1, 2023, where we distributed education kits consisting of notebooks, pencil pouches, and colors to students at TKM LPS MANTHURUTHY School. This event was just the beginning of our collective efforts to make a positive impact.

Instead of delivering a message, I want to make a promise. If you choose to become a volunteer, you will experience that happiness finds you instead of the other way around. Life may present moments when you feel questioned and useless, but being a volunteer enables you to believe in yourself and show others that you are invaluable, possessing the power to make a positive impact on those around you.

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