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Story of Rajath [Impact Stories #01]

" For me, volunteering involves doing activities for others without expecting anything in return, such as spending your time, energy, money, or resources to help others and indirectly contributing to your personal development. NGOs are an excellent platform for collective volunteering, and I am proud to be a volunteer at Captain Social Foundation."

I am Rajath Raj, a Registered Nurse at the Govt Medical College, Ernakulam and also a content creator. I hail from Kannur and my current ambition is to become a member of a Disaster Management team.

My journey with Captain Social Foundation began after attending the Kerala Volunteers Meet Up. Through this journey, I have seen how aspirations can be transformed into reality. The tremendous efforts of the team have had a great impact on society and have helped change the minds of people for a brighter future for our upcoming generation.

The Volunteers Workshop 1.0 organized by Captains was a life-changing moment for me. It helped me polish my dream project, "Power Up Periods," a project aimed at making Kerala pad-free. After attending this workshop, I conducted my first formal session on Menstrual Cups for college students, which boosted my confidence and self-esteem.

Volunteering is a way of living in society, making us more humane. You do not need NGOs or any other organization or society to become a volunteer. However, for continuing and spreading your volunteering activities and initiatives, you need more hands, and NGOs like Captain Social Foundation provide a collective, collaborative, organized effort to rebuild the future.

It's a great privilege to be a part of Captain Social Foundation, and I'm grateful for their efforts in changing our world for the better!


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