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Story of Joyal [Impact Stories #03]

"Volunteerism embodies the voice of the people translated into meaningful action. These actions have the power to shape and transform the present, paving the way for a future that fills us all with pride as volunteers at Captain's Social Foundation."

My name is Antony Joseph Joyal, and I am currently pursuing a BA in History at Mankada Government College in Kolathur, Malapurram. My journey began with Captain's Social Foundation, where I discovered the true essence of volunteerism. Participating in a clean-up drive in Fort Kochi showcased the remarkable unity within the organization, with leaders treating volunteers with genuine love and respect. During this drive, I was inspired by the commitment of a fellow volunteer who traveled all the way from Malapuram district just to be a part of the event. It reinforced the idea that Captain's Social Foundation nurtures and encourages volunteers to become the catalysts for positive change in society.

Recently, I had the opportunity to undertake a school renovation project that was truly life-changing. Witnessing the joy on the faces of the people, teachers, and students when they saw their newly beautified anganwadi was immensely fulfilling. It had always been my greatest dream to contribute to society and bring happiness to people's lives. The school renovation camp was held in a remote area, allowing me to not only work on the project but also learn about the unique culture and lifestyle of the community. Initially, I had concerns about managing the project and finding sponsors, but with only 15 dedicated volunteers, we formed a close-knit family. Late nights filled with painting and singing brought us together, and through this experience, we gained valuable insights into diverse societies. The success of the project was solely possible due to the unwavering support and efforts of Captain's Social Foundation, which empowered me and made me stronger throughout the journey.

It is said that the quality of your life is determined by the quality of your contribution. When you work towards improving the lives of others, your own life automatically improves in the process.

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