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Story of Akshay [Impact Stories #02]

"Volunteering brings me joy as I selflessly dedicate my time to helping others."

My name is Akshay Mallissery, a student from Kozhikode. I'm passionate about travel and aspire to become a mountain trekker. I am proud to be a social volunteer at Captain Social Foundation, where I initially joined as a communication intern and have remained actively involved.

During my time with Captain Social Foundation, I have participated in over seven camps, which have been incredibly fulfilling. These experiences have allowed me to forge friendships and gain valuable insights. It's inspiring to see volunteers from diverse backgrounds, including artists, travelers, and teachers, coming together to make a positive impact.

Most of the camps I've been involved in focused on renovation projects. As a volunteer, I contribute creatively by exchanging ideas and engaging in conversations with fellow volunteers to enhance the appeal of the camps. I also take responsibility for collecting and distributing necessary resources for the activities.

Volunteering is more than just work for me; it's a sense of duty and responsibility. It's about supporting each other and making a difference in our own unique ways.


Looking forward to joining us as a volunteer?


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