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Sreehari N - Selected for The Social Hackathon 4.0

Myself Sreehari N, Director Of Zigma Academy. I'm A First Year MBBS Student at Kannur Government Medical College. Quality Education Should Be Available To All The Students, Irrespective Of Their Social Or Economic Background. My Dream Is To Provide Education For All. Quality Free Education. We've been providing free quality entrance coaching for more than 200 students. We are providing Students mental support during their Preparation time when the students are under High pressure


Education was deprived For Students who are economically backward


We are providing free education to students who are economically backward. Free Entrance Education. Mainly we are concentrated on NEET Coaching. No Student Should Miss Out A Chance Of Getting Quality Entrance Coaching


Because many of our friends which we know directly missed a government seat in medical colleges across India because of their lack of coaching. They didn't go to coaching because they was not having a financial capability

PROJECT Zigma Academy


This Is A Coaching Institutes conducted by a group of students who are studying across diff medical colleges and engineering colleges In India. We mainly focus on giving free and quality education for students who are economically weak


  • Education For All


  • GOAL 4: Quality Education

Apply now for The Social HacKathon and receive $250 along with mentorship to put your ideas into action!

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