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Sojan Sam - Selected for The Social Hackathon 5.0

Sojan Sam is a Theatre Artist, Actor and graduated from the School of Drama, Thrissur. He has a dream, to do plays, and to be it for the community. Sojan is currently planning on a project called Theatre in education, which aims to bring children's personality development, mental well-being and sex education to children in this way.


I am a theatre artist, and I am trying to figure out how to use the potential of drama for social change. What is currently being done is doing plays on topics that seem to be socially significant. But our educational syllabus here in our country are failing to create a proper awareness among the people. We conduct workshops as far as we can reach in the field of education. But for many reasons, the distance to reach it is short. I want to go beyond this and focus on schools where individuals are built, and I am now developing a plan for that. I want to take the first step forward with an emphasis on sex education


Make plays with children, make them think through games, try to guide them to understand their abilities, understand their needs, make it available to those who need counselling, and it will help them a lot to become more focused on learning.


As a drama student, I think about how I can bring about change in the community with my field, and I decided to focus on school for the first time because I want to start from the ground up.


Theatre in Education


When I was young I had nothing artistic and after studying for an electrical diploma I got a job at an archaeological museum. That's where I start thinking about my tastes. This is not my area, I realized that I could not stand even for a moment in it and started coming to Thrissur district from my hometown. I got a lot of friends from the Nataka Akademi and Sahitya Akademi there. We realized that drama was a platform for us to express our political views. It was then that we joined the Kerala Sastra Sahitya Parishad's drama journey through the colleges of Kerala. It is from there that the drama is understood. After that, I became an actor in the drama tour conducted by the Kerala Youth Welfare Board all over Kerala. So we had a theatre troupe called plathi, and we did a lot of street plays all over Kerala. After that, I decided to join the School of Drama. This study has helped me a lot in transforming myself into a conscious person. The people there and the constant drama, we lived there on 17 acres of land learning, discussing, arguing and acting about drama. It was a period of recognition in my life. But the biggest loss I suffered when the whole world fell victim to the corona virus was that I was only able to direct one play in college. The university cut our syllabus and ended the course. We went home so that we could not apply what we learned from the first play. Many other fields have started to function but for two years now there has been no opportunity to play plays. The government, however, is not taking the initiative. My decision was to stay active in the field of drama and direct plays. But designing a stage presentation is also a community activity that requires a lot of external help, so it's important to have the money on hand. Personally, the situation I am in is not so good, my father left me when I was very young and my mother 4 years ago, I have a brother and small financial obligations. It is when I come to drama that I am able to stay away from all the problems I have been experiencing since I was young. This country is not a place where playwrights are accepted, because drama is not an industry here, everyone is in the race for cinema. I love the camera as well as drama, I have a basic model camera, I love photography and theatre photography is something I love to do. It was when I became part of the theatre that I realized the potential of my body, and I have a lot of liking for my body that people still make fun of. I know from experience that children love plays and that they include it. I think about it in a way that enables them to develop personality through their likes. I'm not alone, I have the strength to have a team working with me on this.


  • Personality development through drama


  • GOAL 4: Quality Education

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