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SOGIESC Friendly School - The Incubated Project

INJUSTICE Queer phobia - The queer phobia in school and the discrimination and bullying is because of the Non implementation of the State Policy for Transgender in Kerala

WHO & HOW Queer children - Everyone has the right to life, right to education and right to equality WHY The gap in implementation of the Transgender Policy is ultimately because of the misrepresentation by Social Justice Department and the Teachers and School Management is also unaware of the gap and misrepresentation and the policy. This is because of Heteronormativity and Normalization and Fixation of Binary. ROOT CAUSES Heteronormativity & Binary

COMPASSIONATE INSIGHT To overcomes the injustice of Queer phobia in School we will address Non implementation of State Policy for Transgenders in Kerala, 2015 by Inclusive Sex Education and Implementation of State Policy for Transgenders in Kerala, 2015


  • Gender Friendly School

  • Queer Friendly School

  • Implementing State Policy for Transgenders in Kerala


  • Awareness Projects

  • Gender Sensitisation

  • Talking with Students

  • Talking with Teachers

  • The Queer Children and The students interacts

  • Survey

  • Re survey

  • Report making

  • Submitting the report to the Social Justice Department



TEAM MEMBERS: Anagh & Aiswarya Lakshmi PV


The Incubated Project through The Social Hackathon 1.0

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