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Sherin Shahana - Selected for The Social Hackathon 5.0

Sherin shahana is a degree second year student at providence women's College. She is a NSS volunteer as well. She strongly opposes inequality and discrimination. She believes everyone must get equal opportunity as human. As a volunteer, she is starting to tackle one step towards change.


As a girl I am always a little worried when I walk alone, when I take rickshaw. Even if I look confident outside, I am always checking around the things my mother told me to take care of. I am having a question. why only girl having such problems.? No boys are worried even when they are also being killed, kidnapped, etc? It's Because they are confident in their physical strength. That's what I am up to. Why are girls are not strong enough even to escape from one man? It's because girls are raised like that. In a peace and harmonic way. It's time to change. As always, a change can start from school.


We are having PET period in our school times, but I haven't had one class for physical education. It's just a free period for girls and a football match for boys. Even when girls went outside, they don't play so hard or in serious, just like the teachings from their home .and the teacher is someone to ask for answer yes for our period. The PET should be taken as seriously. And teachers must make them physically strong and capable to go through any situation. In that period, every game must be teached as a teacher. teachers should make sure that girls and boys should make the team together and can have match and so on. Also, this time could be used to teach basic defend measures and tricks .and how to get out of a situation and so on. As this have limitations in during this pandemic, still then it is something important. It's no longer an issue to have online physical educational class. besides, it more appropriate to have video clips for the classes as it's widely available now. I would also suggest to make defence as a main subject. This could be a huge change to the sexual abuse and all harassment on women when they are capable to defence


It's a dream for every girl to have a walk nearby without asking permission. And For me, I can feel an inner energy inside me like lava and never have a chance to take it out. I always wanted to play using all of my energy. Honestly, I feel jealous when I see boys playing. In my case I got no one to join me and our school never wanted us to do so, that's why they designed a uniform in which I can briefly walk. Thanks to that And I know




It's not a big project. It simply makes one point clear that basic defence and teachings to get out of a situation from school itself make the kids strong, and they can get out of any situation in the past. As This could save so many, why bothering to consider P. E. T period in school an opportunity for maths teacher


  • To reduce the rate of crimes (making the people, specially women capable to defence and to get rid of a situation)


  • GOAL 5: Gender Equality

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