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Increased rate of child abuse due to improper sexual education


This injustice affect mainly children up to 18 years. They will undergo depression, mental trauma and social biasing. Because of the problems like children do not get proper awareness from their parents, Lack of healthy relationship between parents and children & Parents feel ashamed to speak about sexual education openly to their children.


The people with lack of sexual awareness.


  • Uneducated parents.

  • Lack of healthy parent and child relationship.

  • Misbelief about sex education in society.

  • Traditional rituals and social beliefs.

  • Avoidance of sex education in school syllabus.

  • The norm that sex education is only a matter of adult.


To solve the lack of sex education and increasing child abuse rate we will address, the unhealthy parent and children relationship by, giving proper awareness and interactive sessions from medical organisations.


  • Aware the children and parents about sex education.

  • Through awareness, avoid taboos and concept about sex education and create a new generation with basic sexual knowledge.

  • Reduce the rate of juvenile delinquency related to sexual harassment.

  • A society with proper sexual knowledge and a society without bias on sex education.


  • Provide interactive sessions for parents with counsellors and PHC doctors.

  • Inclusion of sex education in our syllabus.

  • Special training to ICDS workers.

  • Experience sharing talks with confidentiality.

  • Give proper training for teachers through organisations.

  • Conduct social media campaign.

  • By giving scientific explanation and doubt clearance through helpline

  • Timely evaluation of outcomes of online awareness sessions

  • Give medical help for depression , etc.

  • By implementing programmes along with government assistance.


TEAM MEMBERS: Dhuji M & Akshara Aniyan

The Incubated Project through The Social Hackathon 4.0

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