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Sana Sunil - Selected for The Social Hackathon 3.0

Sana Sunil, hailing from Kollam district in Kerala is a BTech graduate in Electronics and Communication Engineering from A P J Abdul Kalam Technological University and currently pursuing Embedded Systems Engineering Diploma . Sana is academically sound socially driven engineer who wants to work for the cause of ensuring equal opportunities for everyone, from college days onward an active participant in various student activities and played key and leadership roles in students union and department programs. She always believes and advocate for women empowerment through education and self-driven activities which enables them to be independent. She wanted to inculcate the importance of creating own identity for each person rather than being in shadow of another, and had always strived to present her ideologies with confidence. On matching with her concept of getting academically sound made her a continues and rigorous learner and explorer of various projects, internships at prestigious firms and an avid academician who had been working with international learning platform like WhitehatJr & Byjus which enabled her to be connected to the world of peer learning, and innovative and technical advent among children all over the globe also finding time to incorporate with local institutions for sharing and improving students skill set. Currently, she is immersed in formulating solutions to provide a better life condition for those elder citizens who are being left alone and ignored at the evening of their life period. She strongly believes old age is not be the time that turn out to be the hardest period of one's life and wanted to strongly fight against the social stigma that considers elder citizens needs nothing but medical support and needs to spend their second childhood in some dark corner of homes or institutions. She wants them to enjoy every aspect of life which they wish to explore, and for this she wants to use the socially driven young minds connected with them. She wants to eradicate the issue of technology creating gaps between generations rather use the technology to create platform to rebuild the bond of love and compassion and her team is working to create first of its kind multi versatile platform to serve the cause.


Elder citizens spending their retirement life are not being treated fair enough in our system, We have analyzed the situation and divided them into three categories firstly those who were totally ignored and left with nothing but hardest period of their life, second category is financial and economically stable but away from someone who really care for them and third category is the majority who had everything but got alone at the late evening of life being ignored by loved ones in this fast hectic world, they never wish to be taken away to a old age care facility to lead their second childhood they wanted to be cared and treated with love and compassion within their homes, not only medical support but every other aspects they loved to enjoy in their early life, they need someone to listen and ask about their day, they need assistance in other sectors and needs in life, they wanted to be connected to the community and never want to be left behind alone .as per recent studies it's been found that next generation grandparents in India have higher expectations about their retirement life for which our system and community is not equipped.


We are creating a well-structured platform that enables us to connect socially driven youth of our country with elder citizens who are in need of love and support from society, we are planning to provide the services through an interfacing device designed and dedicated for being easily handled by elder citizens which being connected to a network of young citizens who are awaiting to help those in need, the services can have both paid and unpaid versions as per the need. The services range from mentally supporting chat sessions to medical aid, travel aid, technical legal and other assistance also possibilities of arranging gatherings of same age groups and fostering possibilities with old ages homes are also being analyzed, we want them to receive the love and support they wish at their homes, on another side it promotes part-time job culture among students in our country also the service would not be run for the incentives or perks youngsters receive for lending their hands of support but the valuable experience they receive. Also, here we are changing the concept of new era technologies dividing generations and creating gap within minds, we are using technology to create new bond between generations and catering both with a better experience in life .our project aims to create a technology driven service platform joining teenage and old age benefiting both


We have been to old age homes many times and came across those grandparents left alone and ignored at innumerable homes intentionally or not .our society believes old age is the time to be spent in some corner of house with medicine, prayer and food, and they were left alone with none even to listen like spending an expired life awaiting death, also we had seen for ourselves how much separated is our generation from them, though we write and speak old age as second childhood and another beautiful stress-free period of life it is never so easy for the majority of them and the upcoming generation of elder citizens including our parents is leading a more advanced lifestyle which they never wanted to be taken away due to ageing so the need for improving and developing our system to support them with all their needs and not just a home nurse is necessary .also we never intend to disturb them with services which they do not wish for hence we develop a smart interfacing system that enables us to listen and customize services suiting their needs. Also, our government has been taking steps to bring part-time job culture among students in our state but hasn't got enough wind to float we believe our platform can create numerous jobs suiting each one's ability skill and social commitment also to regain the bond and love we are loosing between people at this fast moving world. We personally want to never again read through news of grandparent being left to inhuman situations denied of love, care, support and human rights

PROJECT Project Happy Second Childhood


Elder citizens care, assistance and support from younger generation through a technology driven platform


  • To provide better life situation for elder citizen s not just medical aid but all other assistance and support to spend the evening of their life in a better dissolve the generation and technology gap and bring in the culture of fostering and support, To change social concept about old age to be left alone and ignored, to promote part-time jobs and social volunteering among students using their skill and morale, to update our system with technical advent for creating a user-friendly and accessible support services for all and make sure none gets left alone at their second childhood


  • GOAL 3: Good Health and Well-being

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