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Sam Santhosh Mathew - Selected for The Social Hackathon 2.0

Sam Santhosh Mathew is a graduate in BSW and is currently pursuing Masters in MSW in Disaster Management from Loyola College of Social Sciences. He has worked with various national and state level agencies including National Human Rights Commission, and Delhi State AIDS Control Society. He has actively participated in uplifting various socially excluded groups including refugees, substance abuse victims, differently abled, transgenders and various tribal groups.

SOCIAL ISSUE Migration workers are one of the section most affected by the COVID 19 pandemic. An estimated 3.5 million interstate migrant workers have become an indispensable part of Kerala’s economy. Among them, their children are the most affected ones. There have been many efforts by the Kerala government to promote the social security of the workers and to respond to the distress of migrant workers during the pandemic, even though their children are still facing socio-psychological issues. So, in such a situation the research in this area will definitely bring out the existing situation prevailing in the lives of these children. In turn, it will come out with practical solutions to the existing problems and issues.

PROPOSED SOLUTION After studying the problem, I intend to come up with practical solutions. The recommendations and practical solution will be then brought before appropriate forums, both government and non-governmental agencies.

CONCERNS I am very much concerned about the society and the surrounding issues. Because of the tender age of these children, the help of parents, governmental and other agencies and the society as a whole is needed for protection of their rights, ultimately their lives.

PROJECT: A study on socio-psychological issues of migrant worker's children in Kerala


  • GOAL 3: Good Health and Well-being


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