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Sajith Sajeev B - Nominee - Social Volunteer Awards 2021

I'm Sajith Sajeev B. A Social volunteer. I well good human being. In my volunteering life, so many things were happened. And one is my character, it developed more from the volunteering. I think I'm just a man who doesn't want to come up in the front of all good works. Because it's my way, I don't need any position for doing my works. I'm just a simple man with simple personality. In my way of speech, I was only advised every people for doing good things to each one. If we all do it in that way, we can have a good society. My one and only achievement is my Family. Because they are the one who were always inspiring me for doing good things.

VOLUNTEERING FOR ME A smile for a help that's would be a volunteering. From that smile if can do it then do it for them. If a person or a society gets something from us then that's value could be a volunteering. In earth i can say each and everyone should be a volunteer. He or she already done a volunteering. That's their childhood. At that time each and everyone knows about nature. So they have an awareness about it. It's from her or his Father & Mother. So both of them doing is a volunteering VOLUNTEERING STORY From my Birth I'm a volunteer. Because i love planting trees and plants. My one and only inspiration is my grandparents and my family. Because they told me about the current scenarios of the nature. And they inspired me for planting trees and for helping poor people.In every birthday of me my family take all the expenses of a orphanage. So My family lead me to be a social volunteer VOLUNTEERING JOURNEY It's about a long story from my 9 th class i started social working outside my home and school. In my school their be an organization named Nallapadam and i were be the president of that organization. It mainly focus on social volunteering, agricultural and planting trees. My first work were building a house for my schoolmate and we made it happen and we planted so many trees near my school path. So many program for agriculture and social works. From 10 th i were in NCC and also we do the every social works. Then plus one and plus 2 i were only active in my near by clubs. From my College the career of social volunteering were changed through somany platforms NATIONAL SERVICE SCHEME, KERALA FORUM OF UNAITED NATIONS ACADEMIC IMPACT, THE GULMOHAR FOUNDATION, ARISE, SAVE THE CHILDREN, and so many NGO's. IN NSS i was the Volunteer secretary, In our college UNAI i was the student head, At present KFUNAI Regional Head, ARISE District coordinator. My proud moment in my volunteering life were is FLY HIGH. Our UNAI team coordinate a program called FLY HIGH for disabled children not disabled differently abled. We invited them to Varakala clif and we hosted a kite fest on there. So many people were presented on that occasion. And I'm very very happy for seeing the children's happy face. That's an unforgettable day in my life journey in social volunteering. Then I came into TGF but not active very much because of my academis. Then next ARISE it was also my family of volunteering and currently I'm the district coordinator of that organization, Next was KITES organization and I'm the one of the district coordinator. Then next one was IRIS. And my journey of volunteering continues in a way. But currently I'm inactive in all for my dream. Well it's actually going on a right tract too.

PROJECT FLY HIGH, SHUDHI ORGANISATION UNAI, NSS MISSION & VISION For inspiring the differently abled children. For making their dreams into fly higher

PROJECT DESCRIPTION It's we're, a program for differently abled children at Varakala cliff. Our college UNAI team were conducted the program and from Kalluvathukkal buds school the students were arrived. We started the event at evening time, and we made an open stage for the children for presenting their skills. And we brought refreshments for them, and at last we started the kite fest for the children. At that kite we're made up of us, and it's were a plastic free program. Which means eco-friendly program. We were so proud for conducting that proud moments. Next program was shudhi about cleaning plastic waste from path, it's a part of NSS. And i guided my juniors and my friends for collection and disposing LENGTH OF SERVICE 2 week for FLY HIGH ROLE IN PROJECT In my first project i were coordinates the programs like stage activities and making them comfortable. I was be the program coordinator and my careing prt caused the children to be happy. In my second project that was only my idea because on seeing somany plastic waste on my way to college cause this so I'm the guide in that project. And from mh leadership skill i coordinates as much volunteers for doing the work. From that work i analyzed myself about leadership skill in me IMPACT OF PROJECT Everyone seen that the students with disabilities are not a disease. It's an abilities which we don't get it from god. They enjoyed the program and their parents seen that their children were not a patients.we are planning a to develop a new teaching method for them like study from experience. In the second project their is no plastic waste in the way of our college that's an impact of our project. They analysed and awared about plastic waste. By spreading this all over the World.


  • GOAL 3: Good Health and Well-being

  • GOAL 4: Quality Education

  • GOAL 10: Reduced Inequality

  • GOAL 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities


  • All the organization that i work is an greatest achievements for me.

  • And the positions i were im all the organization also an achievement for me

FUTURE PLANS My one and only future plan were starting a school. For all students without an age limit and no building. Free of cost. And teaching with our experience. And making them into a good human being. This was my previous years mind plan but now I developed something much more better than that. That's a travelling school that will reach every slums who wants to study to reach higher position and want to be a good human being.This is the reason currently I'm not active in volunteering field. For this program I were contacted some of my friends in Maharashtra and they were agreed to build a database of children who were located in slums. They were now collecting datas from the government office for that program. Actually my plan was to start the program in Kerala. But the current situation not comfortable for that and also. If my planning were goes in a straight way I will surely establish this plan in all the NGO's were im working with. REFERENCE:

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