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Rohith P Saju- Selected for The Social Hackathon 4.0

Rohith P Saju is a youngster from Kottayam who is currently pursuing his Electronics and Communication Engineering at Model Polytechnic College, Mattakkara.To work in Indian Army Communication Department is one of his greatest dreams. He is always fascinated by volunteerism, especially by connecting with people and communities to make it a better place.


Children who are abandoned neither get a platform nor the resources to boost their skills and showcase their abilities.


Provide adequate resources and training to foster their skills and establish a sustainable platform to transcend economic barriers.


When privilege plays the part for many, others on the other hand are deprived of opportunities due to their circumstances, even when they are capable

PROJECT: Colours of aspirational little lamps (CALL)


An orphanage would be selected, and adequate time would be dedicated to understand their field of interest. On this basis, support will be given for developing their talents in the field of arts, sports and literature. Necessary equipment will be delivered and training will be rendered by Arise volunteers together with experts in the field. Efforts will be taken to establish suitable platforms for those who excel and thereby bringing them to the forefront.


  • To create a sustainable platform for children who are deprived of opportunities.

  • To reduce economic inequalities by providing adequate resources and training.

  • To bring the underprivileged to the forefront.

  • To understand and enhance the skills of children who are abandoned.


  • GOAL 3: Good Health and Well-being

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