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Rishana Ak - Selected for The Social Hackathon 4.0

I am Rishana Ak. I am from Iritty at present I'm a second year BSC Physics student at sir Syed college taliparamba. I am one of the four secretaries of my college and also campus ambassador of arise north zone. I wishes to see many changes in our society like women empowerment, equality to all, discrimination and most of all I wish to educate my society about sexuality sex equity and provide the best form of sex education to all.


The Lack of sex education in our society. It is know that Kerala being a 100% literate state, it doesn't have a proper working system for providing one of the basic right of a human being ie; the proper form of sex education. The lack of sex education lead's to many misbeliefs and myths. Providing sex education is still considered as a taboo, even talking about sex is considered as an uncultured habit in our society and many still believe that it is against our traditions. So the need of sex education is one of the major concern for the betterment of a healthy future. Moreover, many still don't know what is the proper way of having a healthy sex life. Without proper knowledge of these subjects, a high amount of couples is unhappy with their relationship. One example for showing the poor knowledge of our society in the matter of sex is that, after the release of the movie "The Great Indian Kitchen", the most searched word on Google by keralians was foreplay, that is because a majority of them don't know what it was.


The only way to solve this social issue is by providing the proper kind of sex education by well-trained educators. The needs for sex education is more relevant than ever. Teens nowadays are starting their sex life, so they have to be educated properly in the matters of healthy sex life, contraception, pregnancy etc. But this process should not be of short term ie; it should not end with a session on sex education, rather we should provide a service that is of long term and would benefit not only the old and new generations but also the coming generations. The plan is to provide proper sessions on sex education to teenagers and college students with the help of a trainer. Then we set up a database of those who have attended the class, then provide them with services like helpline number and all. The class should not be only be about sex education, rather it should also be about sexuality, sexual equity, the proper education about all genders too.


I am concerned about this issue because, being a science student with a high curiosity, I have done some research of my own and found that our country, unlike some other countries, is being held back by unwanted traditions which doesn't support equality amongst sexes. It is also fact that sex education was banned in many states in India until 2018. In 2014, India's health minister Harsh vardan declared that sex education should be banned as it was against their culture and instead yoga education should be implemented. In many places, teachers were even threatened with violence for teaching sex education. Also, in almost all places, trans genders and homosexuality are suppressed. So the feeling of the need for a change to all these inequalities led me to choose this social issue and address it properly where my thoughts are aligned with those who conduct this social hackathon.

PROJECT Project Hermaphrodite


The lack of proper sex education has led to many misconceits in our society about sex and sexuality. so the providing these will lead to a healthy society in the coming future.