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Rise Up Home - The Incubated Project


India is home to 30 million orphans of which majority are children, who are unable to procure their right to family .


Children who are lost, abandoned, orphaned, abused, trafficked, affected by conflicts, victims of natural disasters, addicted to substance abuse, war refugees (including torture), victims of family and community violence, suffered a sudden loss of loved ones, suffered or suffering life-threatening illness, etc., are all covered under the broad umbrella of children in need of extreme care and protection.


Every child deserves to be happy and lead a resourceful life with access to necessities. From mere observers to active changemakers, youth must be active participants in bringing about the change as this is a collective responsibility

  • Adult abandoning children due to impoverished social conditions.

  • Lack of periodic surveillance by State/responsible authorities.

  • Red tapism in adoption procedure leads to overcrowding in institutions.

  • Collectives/individuals who act as an agency for human-made disasters.

  • Couples prefer to adopt children below the age of 5 which makes children of other age group being left out in the institutions.

  • Siblings are left out in orphanages since majority prefer for single child adoption

  • Usually at the age of 18, when they age out of the institutional system, youths are at the risk of homelessness, poverty, substance abuse, emotional difficulties, lower educational and career achievements.

Why do they do so?

  • Not prioritizing child rights

  • Social Conditioning

  • Poor knowledge about development of a child

  • Not subjecting the injustice to systematic study and rooting out the expected problems. Instead, majority wait to act after the consequences of crimes, child labour, human trafficking, sexual abuse


It lies with various agencies or causative factors such as

  • Disaster and calamities including civil war and refugee crisis.

  • Poverty and impoverished state of existence.

  • Cultural ang Religious agencies which leads to degradation in the strands of various

  • Factors such as gender, race, class and caste.

  • Lack of well organized institutions and state system to undertake the vulnerable children.

  • Lack of proper awareness regarding the rights of children as well as foster home facilities.


To overcome the injustice of denial of parental care and basic rights, we will address systemic oppression by establishing a Group Foster Care with aftercare for children.


  • A Family Redefined

RUH is a home for 8 children, without any obligations or liabilities, in a set-up as close as to the primary unit of the society- a family.

  • Holistic Development

Inculcating a sense of social confidence and self-efficacy by introducing the children to our redefined concept of family.

  • Permanent and Transitional

The children will have the right to choose to stay on or move on once they get financially independent or reach post-adolescence.


  • Consolidation of study reports

  • Budget procurement and allocation

  • Construction of Fit Centre along with provision for After Care

  • Intimation of preference through proposal submission

  • Detailed analysis of the history of the children

  • Identification of mentors for each child & selection and training of caregivers and other personnel.

  • Familiarization of the caregivers with the children and awareness campaign among the neighbourhood.

  • Migration formalities of children to nearby educational institutions.

  • Project Execution


NAME OF TEAM: Rise Up Forum

TEAM MEMBERS: Punya & Vishnavi


The Incubated Project through The Social Hackathon 1.0

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