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Rinshiba P - Selected for The Social Hackathon 5.0

Rinshiba is a 12th-grade humanities student who loves working for the community and loves to spread happiness around her. She believes that education is incomplete without knowing our society and the problems facing our society. From 9th grade onwards, she was planning to form an NGO. Now she has a clear view of her work. And from there, BUMBLEBEE form. It is an academic empowerment program that helps every student reach their highest potential. She also focuses on the active participation of each young leader in their locality in Palliative care works, promotes libraries, public places for leisure, etc... Rinshiba is the person who always focuses on her dream projects. There is always a reason for all her activities. She was an active JRC volunteer in her previous school, and now she is an NSS leader. She believes that these all are for moulding her dream to form an NGO. Her central concept is giving a smile and spread happiness


Bring the students into the main stream of society in addition to the education that they received from schools.


There are many organisation that uplifting the abilities of a student like nss, spc, jrs, scouts and guides... but there is only limited seats and these opportunities are open up in front of a few students. I want to uplift the students in my colony and around my area to be aware about the social issues we face, pollutions, and collab with palliative... Etc..... This will surely help them to know more about the society, and they automatically develop through these things. Giving orientation classes help them to know more about the society, help to know about online volunteering opportunities and more... These all about starting a Local NGO


There are many average students, those who are not ready to come in front of the society due to lack of confidence, self-reliance... Etc.... And what I need to improve the skills, thoughts, abilities, talents and more


Bumble bee


Uplifting of average students in our locality by include them in solving social issues and find and develop their talents.


  • Improve the skills of students in local areas, aware about the social issues and make them a good social leader. And spread this idea into other areas and start sub centres


  • GOAL 10: Reduced Inequality

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