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Research to analyse the psycho-social well-being of migrant children - The Incubated Project


Denial of basic human rights to migrant children


  • It affects the migrant children, they don’t have basic sanitation facilities, no proper housing, no nutritious food, intense labour.

  • It is important to address this injustice. Infringement of the most basic rights are happening here and that too to the most vulnerable section of a society. As a social being it also my responsibility to stand up for the needy in my society. And also children are the future and future can be moulded better if the children are provided with enough resources.


Everyone who chose to not respond about this issue has the same percentage of responsibility on their heads as of those who exploit migrant workers and promote it.

Contractors, exploit migrant workers the most, even individuals contribute to it. Migrant workers receive less pay than that of an average locality for the same work they perform.


Economic and geographical instability, social status, exploitation, language barrier, the population being uneducated are the main causes of this injustice to prevail.


To overcome this injustice to migrant children, I will address the denial of basic human rights by conscientizing the population and increasing their sensitization.


  • Improve the quality of life of target population, recognize and work towards the immediate felt needs, conscientisation, increase sensitization, decrease language barriers.


  • Data gathering and analysis, collaboration with like-minded organisations, workshops and classes, resource mobilisation


NAME OF TEAM: We For Children

TEAM MEMBERS: Sam Santhosh Mathew


The Incubated Project through The Social Hackathon 2.0

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