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Rashmi Subramanian - Selected for The Social Hackathon 3.0

Rashmi Subramanian is a writer and a budding entrepreneur who is passionate about education reforms. She graduated in Ancient Indian Culture and completed her post graduation in Philosophy and Religion. She currently is a Public Policy Fellow at CPL. Her ambition is to work on great governance for the country and be a life-long nation builder.


I want to address the social issue of neglect of quality education in social studies and development of specialist approaches for students to learn the subjects like political science, history and geography


I plan to solve this issue by developing a one stop tech-platform that will have all the resources like games, quizzes, stories, comics and much more related to social studies. This would also be launched as an easily accessible app.


I faced hostile comments and pessimism for opting to study social studies as a school students and it was actually at that time, I realized how these subjects need to be reformed and placed at an equal pedestal with science, maths and languages.



PAHELI works around different verticals that can be understood under the following heads:-

  • Technology intervention: This is a gamified platform using existing and emerging technologies that will make content innovative and creative.

  • Academic Fellowship: We provide a fellowship to youngsters who get mentorship and guidance on reforming social studies.

  • Courses: Providing payment based courses that can help different learners get experience of social studies' content and help in making that relevant.

  • Training and development: Organizations with non-social studies' employees are given training to sensitize and make them aware of social issues.

  • Microschooling platform: This is a hub for school students to learn and become socially aware with scholars (who come from exam or academics of these subjects)

  • Policy reforms and data collection which will help in betterment of social studies.

However, gamified learning experience is our key product that is indeed a game-changer.


PAHELI EDUCATION revolves around 6 significant pillars to tackle the social problem:- 1. Self 2. Subjects 3. Structure 4. Systems 5. State 6. Society. We intend to build a social enterprise where youth who have failed to crack social studies' based competitive exam or studies them extensively failing to get the right employment opportunities due to dearth of them are given the platform to provide this knowledge to the students


  • GOAL 4: Quality Education

Apply now for The Social HacKathon and receive $250 along with mentorship to put your ideas into action!

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