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Project Educate India - The Incubated Project


Educational Inequity: To solve the injustice of educational Inequity through peer education, adult education and self-help by creating a learning centre for both adults as well as for children.


The people in the community starting from children to adults are affected by the injustice of educational inequity. The injustice has continued to affect the community for 4 generations and is, even more, worse during this pandemic where the normal schooling is hampered, and online learning is still not accessible for them.


The injustice is mainly caused by the system as a whole. When education and development of the communities become a lesser priority the injustice rises up. The poor schooling system which doesn't focus on the quality of education and lack of awareness of the importance of education among the community members is a major reason for the prevailing injustice.


The injustice continues for 4 generations as the students’ grandparents came to the city as migrant workers. From then till now the injustice continues. A continuing injustice leading to the underdevelopment of many generations of migrant workers.

Major root causes are:

  • Poor quality of education

  • Poor mastery levels

  • Lack of knowledge on the importance of education

  • Poorly trained teachers

  • Disinvested parents


To solve this injustice of Educational Inequity we will address the root cause of the issue of poor quality of education and lack of awareness on the importance of education by creating a peer learning space for the community members.


  • Establishing a community learning centre

  • Initiating peer-learning

  • Initiating adult education

  • Starting a self-help group among parents


NAME OF TEAM: Project Educate India



The Incubated Project through The Social Hackathon 1.0

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