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Priya Tiwari - Primary Short-listed Nominee - Social Volunteer Awards 2021

I am Priya, I am in final year of bachelor of law. I have been working towards betterment of my community since 2017. At the beginning I just work whatever came in front of me, I learned now I choose which has most impact on society, like we recently worked on waste management because it also provided us great resources as well as dealt with problem of pollution and public health. My biggest achievement I consider is tuberculosis elimination program. I myself have Tuberculosis for more than 3 years, and then I happen to know in the process of medication there are many unseen issues that we started working on. Poverty was another issue that was pressing future growth of our next generation, though we as students could not find funding from outer sources but we, yet somehow we managed to sustain poor families in our community during covid lockdown. We are also teaching teachers in our community how to teach online in this covid pandemic. Right now we are working to manage to have electricity, so we can do other works like agriculture and students can study all those things are dependent on electricity, so now it has become our main focus.


To be precise, volunteering or social work for is making impact in the society that we live in any way possible with whatever resources and information we have


I have been volunteering since last 3 years in my college. Mostly it has been food providing. After it has become to help other NGOs to sustain. My inspiration was that it is basic human need, if that is satisfied then we can think of improving our life and lifestyle and other works. So we were always focused to fulfill the basic needs first that is food shelter and education.


One thing I should mention here that as being a woman we are never allowed to do social work or any other socializing activities. Even our education never has given any importance. But still I wanted to do, so I am doing what I can do for example, I can not appear in social events, but I can organise and manage people to do the events. I was not allowed to participate in social work, so I did other work like funding, managing, social media almost entire work except working on field. So I may not be able to serve food to people, but I did manage to get food to all of them, I may not have beautiful pictures of doing waste management activities, but I did mobilize the whole team who organised those events. So my experience might not be very similar to other applicants, but I am always open and looking to learn more from wherever I can.

PROJECT Zero Tuberculosis Initiative


Our community


Our work is local, which means area based, we are recognising the issues which needs our urgent attention, and after that we work on it. Currently, there was high increase in death of people caused by tuberculosis, so we are working on that, our mission is until the cases of tuberculosis decreases by 50% then we will move to other issues pertaining in our community.