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Preserving Hands - The Incubated Project


Crimes against women and children


Mostly children and women's. It's against the basic rights of a person who is being tortured on purpose. It's purely an injustice which must be tacked seriously


Our community and non-scientific rituals are responsible. These traditions have been followed for years is directly supporting the statement "strong over the week".and male dominance created. But we are getting rid of the traditions like child marriage sathi etc knowing its consequences and injustice, which should be done here as well


  • lack of education

  • lack of awareness and knowledge

  • traditional and cultural practices

  • financial dependence

  • practical mindsets


We will make each individual capable to protect themselves by provide a self defence course in school by providing a separate teacher. We are imagining to use the physical educational period for A self defence class twice in a week, To learn about each situation and how to get rid of it, Physical fitness


  • Our goal is to make each individual are safe and can walk out without fear, Specially women and children

  • To reduce crimes against women and children

  • To create a better future with safe and strong youth

  • No more bullying or discrimination