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Parvathy Prasad - Selected for The Social Hackathon 3.0

Parvathy is a graduate in B A English, journalism and communication, currently doing post graduation in M A Mass communication and Media Studies. She has the experience of working in The Hindu newspaper and CDIT as for one month as an intern. She dreams of a society that is equal to everyone, including the disabled people. And she aspires to do something for their well-being.


Differently abled people are facing a lot of issues in our country. Taking from acceptance to their disability, education, public transportation. Some of the issues which should be solved as soon as possible:

  • Public transportation for differently abled should be made easy. For example, The bus should have ramp facility for wheel chaired persons, speech directions for visually impaired persons.

  • Roads and Footpaths should be made differently abled friendly.

  • Public places like restaurants, parks, offices and even every building should be made differently abled friendly.

  • For educating the differently abled persons there are schools and new technologies, but some families are very much concerned, and they don't support their differently abled kids for some or other reasons, they can be given classes on the abilities of differently abled persons and how well they can live in our society.


  • As this project is concerned with the change in the infrastructure, we will need to meet the Govt officials, and they should approve our proposal in bringing change mainly in the case of roads and footpaths.

  • Conducting a seminar on the need of such infrastructure which is differently abled friendly to the officials of the private restaurant owners, private institutions, centres and offices.

  • Giving proper awareness to the parents who are uneducated and who are unaware of what their kids can achieve, We can choose places and conduct seminars about the same to everyone, not only to parents of the children who are differently abled.

  • There are certain rights specially for differently abled persons, we can give awareness classes for children.


We believe that we can make a change together. We care about all human being, and we have seen people who are differently abled struggling in their daily life in transportation as well as some families who don't accept their kid's different abilities. We together are trying to change such mindset, and we would like to do something which empowers differently abled. We can see many other places which are already developed, and they can travel to their destination without any help from others or without escorts and also without any fear. Here they are dependent on others in some way or other. They should be Independent, and we are with this project for their independence.



Karam' for Independence of differently abled


  • To make differently abled independent


  • GOAL 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities

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