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Parvathy N Pillai - Selected for National Volunteers Hackathon 2021

Parvathy N Pillai, she is a second year B.Tech student at Mohandas college of engineering and technology, trivandrum; who is good at art, dance, music and sports. She wants to develop her locality by implementing a waste management project to make her area clean.


Waste management


  • We are planning to develop an application for waste disposal. through this different kinds of waste like plastic, organic,e-waste etc can be disposed according to personal needs.


By making use of this application we can maintain a healthy life and surroundings.this app can make life more easier, while having a busy life people can manage time.

PROJECT Eco swift


Waste will be collected from the marked location, as soon as by the waste management workers gets the information.


  • Nowadays, people are facing difficulties to dispose plastic as well as organic waste, hence most of them try to dump waste materials in public places and water bodies, leading to water pollution. People residing in remote areas don't have a place to dump waste, so this app may full fill their requirements. Through this scheme, unemployment can be tackled too.


  • GOAL 3: Good Health and Well-being

Apply now for National Volunteers Hackathon 2021 and receive $250 along with mentorship to put your ideas into action!

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