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Nitya Nibu - Selected for The Social Hackathon 2.0

Nitya Nibu is very passionate about social work especially in the field of Child Help. She's pursing her masters in MSW Disaster Management from Loyola College of Social Science, Trivandrum. She completed her Under Graduation from Christ University, Bangalore in BA. Communication Media, English and Psychology. She is very keen about helping others and is happy to help people who are in need. She is a children lover and wants to have a future where she can help all the kids in need. She has worked with NGO's to teach the underprivileged children and bring a smile to their face whenever possible. She has taken up the topic, where she would be helping the children who have been exploited in the form of child labour and the ones who are facing abuses.

SOCIAL ISSUE One main issue I am concerned about is Exploitation of Children in the form of Child Labour and Violence and abuse against them. PROPOSED SOLUTION I'm planning to solve this issue by bringing more awareness about what's happening to a-lot of children in our own country by letting people around us know how they should take this up as a very serious issue and start talking about it and even letting their circle be more aware. Word by word when things spread and people are ready to help we can track down a lot of issues like this and start reacting to this is a social strength. Preventing and responding to all forms of violence and promoting family based care is essential to ensure children's right to survival, development and participation. CONCERNS I am concerned about this issue because children always have a very special space within me, and I feel they should not suffer from all this when most of the others of their age are getting a better life, education and care. And most of the children are trapped into all this at a very young age where they don't know what they are getting into. And eventually they will grow up in such a manner where they would never get an opportunity to succeed in life. I personally don't want any children from my country to suffer and lack from the rights they deserve. PROJECT: We don't deserve this. Save us. DESCRIPTION This project is mainly focused on the children around the country who get into exploitation in the form of child labour, and a-lot are abused in a very young age, trafficking is one thing that's very common in India which is still happening in many states and all this should come to an end in few years. AIMS & OBJECTIVES

  • Save the children from exploitation in the form of labour

  • Lack of education

  • End to Violence and Abuse

  • To give proper health care


  • GOAL 16: Peace and Justice Strong Institutions


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