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Nithin M S - Selected for The Social Hackathon 4.0

Nithin M S is a BTech student of Rajiv Gandhi institute of technology. He is currently the CMO (marketing and branding lead) of IEDC RIT and the student representative of IIC RIT. He has also volunteered for international Model United Nations (IMUN) as a campus ambassador. He is now working on 'Project Differently abled' which aims for the betterment of the lives of differently abled people through employment and financial freedom


Less employment of differently abled people due to misconceptions and discrimination


Forming a start-up under which all the differently abled people can be connected to various companies in certain sectors to assure their employment and a strategy to make them achieve financial freedom


I had direct experience with a girl studying in the same school where my father was the headmaster. I came to know about the depth of the struggles these people faced, especially in employment opportunities through her. And then I somehow wanted to change the lives, at least some of them. This is more like an emotional issue for me now.

PROJECT Employment and financial freedom for differently abled people


The start-up works by incorporating all the differently abled people. They will be connected to various sectors having companies where the success rates of differently abled people as an employee is high like the food & beverage, IT, retail etc. Small scale industries and companies will also be established for them by giving them proper training. This way, both qualified and non-qualified people will be provided with job opportunities. This is not working on the basis of just sympathy, but there are many economic benefits these companies get by employing these people (which can be explained if needed). Financial freedom can also be achieved by the financial freedom plan, which is already set up in the start-up


  • To provide employment opportunities for differently abled people and make them achieve financial freedom


  • GOAL 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth

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