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Nishanth S - Selected for The Social Hackathon 1.0

Nishanth S is an active social worker. Currently he is pursuing his Btech in Mechanical Engineering from Sree Buddha College Of Engineering . He is an active National Service Scheme volunteer( NSS )in his college . During 2018-2019 Kerala Flood, he participated in post-flood rehabilitation and cleaning works in Pathanamthitta (in 2018) and Nilambur (in 2019). During the onset of COVID-19 pandemic, he started his volunteering works by providing foods & water to the needed ones & police during lockdown time under various organisations. He is also a part of Mapathon Kerala a prestigious project under the Govt. of Kerala. His main priority in life is to make others happy. He also needs to make an open forum for cyber security to reduce the fraudulent money chain and money making companies in and around the world.


Online frauds and fraudulent online money harvesting has been increasing day by day with new techniques and platforms, especially during the pandemic situation. Many people have witnessed the same and last year, India had the highest number of complaints received related to online frauds. Fake news has been a curse to the society since the beginning of social media. We have witnessed a rapid hike in fake news during the floods and during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Build an online aware community, where community members will be taught how to find whether a website is legit or not and confirm a news fake or real. Create an application or website where people who have been the prey of online frauds can post their experience and details of the fraud. This way other members can know about the same and take actions [report the website, click on "ad website"]. People will be able to post suspicious news spreading via social media platforms and confirm whether the news is legit or not with the help of volunteers. Reach more people and make them "online aware".


There has been a series of online frauds that happened to our friends from work from home works to MLM based frauds. Also, have volunteered for misinformation prevention campaign during the first phase of COVID-19.


Cyber Enlighten [Temporary name]


Build a community [connected via an application or website] to fight effectively against online frauds and misinformation spreading.


  • To prevent online frauds and misinformation spread.


  • GOAL 16: Peace and Justice Strong Institutions


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