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Nikhil Das KK - Nominee - Social Volunteer Awards 2021

I am Nikhil das, From calicut district in kerala. My project was planting trees in every district of kerala. My achievements is, we plant 30 plants in every district of kerala.


A volunteer is a social worker, Who serve the society for no payment. A good Volunteer work for our environment safety and protection.


I am start my ideas for volunteering the society less than one year, and i do volunteering to our environment for this year 2021. And my inspiration to a volunteer is, its a good work for society and nation. And also we are doing a service to our nation.


Actually I am a traveller. Once i heard a story telling of a popular traveller, he saying about the spoilage of nature and environment. All travellers visiting the tourist places like hills and river, beach like that. The same travellers spoilage the tourist places like putting plastic waste, cutting trees...etc. and i think how to save our environment along with my travel. And i find a solution. This year march month i started a one month journey, all kerala trip. The attraction of this journey is, we are planting a tree in every district in kerala. The one month journey we are plant 30 herbage in whole state kerala. Thats my first and best experience for my environment volunteering. I have more plannings about environment developments along with my journey. And i am a volunteer of food donation organisation for poor people.


Planting a tree in every district of kerala




Development of environment

Save the nature


Only two members involved the program. Me and my friend. This is a one month program conducted in every district of kerala.