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Neythal - The Incubated Project


Irregular employment and financial instability of the fishermen community of the village of Ottamassery.


This injustice affects the whole family of the fishermen community. Fishermen are the single bread earners, their families are entirely dependent on them and do not have work during the major part of the year. Therefore, they need an additional income source to support their family. The empowerment of women is also necessary to solve this issue. The government and authorities do not take the necessary steps to support them as well.


The main cause is natural, but the ignorance from the government and authorities in addressing this issue is the major cause. Financial help and aids are sanctioned by the authorities but it does not reach the needy. The people in charge are misusing their powers and utilizing those grants for personal gains.


The fishermen community is uneducated and no other skills are imparted to them. Coastal areas cannot accommodate many other activities than fishing, therefore they have no other choice. Most of the women are unemployed as they have fewer opportunities and fishing involves physical labour. After a certain age going into the sea for fishing is difficult as old age does not allow working in tough climatic conditions like rain, snow, and high tides.


To overcome the injustice of irregular employment, we will address the injustice of irregular employment and ignorance from the authorities by introducing cage farming and mushroom farming as additional income generators.


  • To make them capable of earning a living during their no income times of the year.

  • Making the community financially stable and independent.

  • Promoting gender equality and women empowerment by giving work for both men and women equally.

  • Implanting the quality of hard work, dedicated efforts in the minds of the children.

  • Educating them about the grants and support provided by the government and how to get the benefit out of it.

  • As phase one, to bring together 10 families and start with 30 spawns and 60 beds of mushroom farming.

  • On successful implementation to expand the project to nearby villages like Azheekal, Vettakal and Aaratuvazhi.


  • Providing awareness about mushroom farming

  • Coordinating and conducting training programs in the community

  • Finding a suitable space for farming

  • Renovating the available structure to meet our necessities

  • Purchasing the mushroom spawn and preparing beds.

  • Ensuring required atmospheric conditions for the spawn to grow in the structure

  • Harvesting the yield after 17-20 days of sowing

  • Connecting and collaborating with the potential markets

  • Packing and transportation of the product

  • Expansion and innovations


TEAM MEMBERS: Aleena Thomas, Josh Varghese, Mary Ritty Citus

The Incubated Project through The Social Hackathon 3.0

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