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NEXT FOR NATURE - The Incubated Project


Lack of timely up-gradation of the school curriculum concerning the changing environment


Technically it will affect everyone who is following this current curriculum. Consumption and production of resources will go out of balance in the future. This will disturb the physical, mental, and economical well-being of each individual. However, some privileged communities will be immunized from huge impact. If we are reluctant to address this issue now it will be too late to develop a long-term solution and our younger generation will suffer.


The education system is the prime cause of this problem. The main reason behind the injustice is 'they are still not convinced or concerned about the foreseen threat' and lack visionary solutions.


We still don't feel a clean environment is a necessary thing to survive now. The reluctance of most stakeholders towards change is another reason. Most of them are adamant in their old socio-cultural aspect. Also, our diverse and huge demography is a major huddle in the change-making. The complications in funding and other legal proceedings also contribute to this.


To solve the issue of lack of timely up-gradation of the school curriculum concerning the changing environment, we'll address the reluctance of our system to take visionary actions and possible conflicts from a diverse community by providing relevant campaigns, training teachers and students with a co-curricular course at the school level


  • Responsible consumption and production – SDG 12

  • Create environmentally responsible citizens

  • Make sustainability as a part of life

  • Change in behaviour of people towards waste and waste management


  • Initiating a strong campaign on the need of practising sustainability in daily life

  • Formulating and designing a co - curricular course on sustainable development and waste management in schools which include both theory and activities on field

  • Training teachers on this course in collaboration with Dept. of education of respective districts

  • Ensuring student’s active participation by giving them monetary rewards

  • Continuous and comprehensive evaluation of student’s behaviour on waste management and sustainability


NAME OF TEAM: Next for nature

TEAM MEMBERS: Ganga P R & Jubil P Kochumon


The Incubated Project through The Social Hackathon 1.0

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