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Muhammed Safvan KP - Selected for The Social Hackathon 1.0

Safvan is a 17 years old boy volunteering with different organisations for the well-being of the whole world. He is happily volunteering for the tribals through setting up education curriculum and also for bringing up awareness of waste management.

SOCIAL ISSUE The social issue that I am concerned about is the issue of wastes. Electronic waste, plastic waste and paper waste. On day-to-day basis, the amount of waste is increasing, and some people try to reduce it while others are not at all bothered about it. PROPOSED SOLUTION I am planning to execute this project firstly on wards of different panchayath. Making a database of that ward by connecting with the clubs of that area and then creating a spreadsheet for marking the houses with those wastes. Then, we’ll have to collect it with the help of local government where, they’ll also have a benefit for picking up the wastes. We can hold up employment for some people also. And after collecting those wastes, we can connect with green worms for disposing the wastes and the wastes that cannot be disposed can be used for creative arts like a statue in front of a carnival and such like things CONCERNS Because, the earth is not only ours, there are many more generations to come, and also we also want to live with fresh air. The amount of burning wastes have increased and this is creating many issues to the global ecosystem and also to t PROJECT: Project Clean Earth DESCRIPTION Project mainly focuses on the waste management in the society. Mainly focusing on reducing, reusing and recycling of waste. Project implementation will grant employment for workers in panchayat level, where they can find income to their own by creating database and collecting waste in the database. Scraps in those waste can be sold out to scrap shops where we can increase the income. Artists who love scraps can intake the materials for works and the materials can be used for exhibitions (UK type)


  • To create an eco-friendly environment where natural resources are not used for unwanted activity.

  • To help people with a job. To make eco-friendly spaces.

  • To plant more trees.

  • To reduce, recycle and reuse.

  • To create an awareness on waste management,

  • To have an impact on society through art works from wastes. Eco-friendly panchayats.


  • GOAL 13: Climate Action


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