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Muhammed Safvan KP - Primary Short-listed Nominee - Social Volunteer Awards 2021

I’m Safvan Kudukkan, an 18 yo human, living for making others happy. I am perfectly imperfect. I just love to take care of others and hear their stories. Just completed my higher secondary education and thinking of how to be a human. You can find me alone at any peaceful places where I create my own space. I don't take care of my things, while I get tensed about others things. You can find me writing death notes and finding details of deaths as I just pin it everywhere.


Simply I can define it as my life balancing system. Today,I am here only because of the volunteering projects or the number of communications I have made in this field. Being in a stage of mental illness for the past 7 years, I started to enjoy everything only before four years, at that was the point where I started volunteering. Till today, I found happiness by making others happy and that’s a kind of volunteering right.I believe that even hearing our friend is a type of volunteering.My passion


I have been from my childhood itself. I love to do something good for others even though I doesn’t care my things. My volunteering journey started from my early childhood itself while I am working with different organisations for the past 4 years. My inspiration to volunteer is the stories that I have heard about my grand father. He died many years before I had born. He was a person who struggled to reconstruct the nearby school which is now functioning as one of the best one. His stories inspired me to this field.


My volunteering journey began from the childhood itself. It was like when my mother gave me 5 rupee coins and said to give it to the poor people standing outside the mosque. From there I studied the value of being kind. And then the journey moved to help others. Like pouring water for others in functions, pasting posters on walls about different awareness programs and so on. Literally my life of volunteering with organisations was started when I was studying in 7th standard. My first organisations were Samastha Kerala Sunni Students Federation & Sunni Students Federation. I worked with them for training the small children’s in art sector. I started coordinating the team from my 8th grade and still I am mentoring them. And also I had volunteered with the RFC team in my school. In the 2019 flood I volunteered with SSF on Vazhayur for rehabilitation of the people. And after I joined for my higher secondary education, I was selected as the volunteer leader of NSS where i worked with 100 volunteers for more than 250+ hours. It included both offline and online works in which rehabilitation of two family’s was accomplished. We set up a house for a family , we built walls for a nursery, made play grounds for a LP School, Made our campus plastic free and so on. We had planted 1000+ saplings which are still being followed up by the volunteers. Being a NSS leader, I developed different awareness campaigns and workshops for the volunteers and the nearby communities. We cleaned canals, drainage systems, kept waste bins and made people aware of the importance of waste management. It was my first step to the path of waste management. And then the whole world was locked by the pandemic. And it was the time for getting out of the circle. I joined The Gulmohar Foundation as a volunteer and the first project I involved was the plants for future project by TGF MALAPPURAM on the Environmental Day on 2020. We planted more than 50+ saplings on roadsides, houses and in schools too. From there I was stepping to different organisations, different projects, different communities, and to different people. I started to volunteer by travelling, created awareness campaigns, developed learning hub in tribal areas of Nilambur and Wayanad. Started to listen people with heart, shared opportunities with them, volunteered with 5000+ volunteers in different projects and started to coordinate different works of different organisations and now being a human, I am still studying how to make sustainable development and to implement responsible tourism effectively.

PROJECT The Library Project

ORGANISATION The Gulmohar Foundation