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Muhammed Farhan - Selected for The Social Hackathon 2.0

Muhammed Farhan, a higher secondary graduated student from Adivaram village, loves to write creativity, encourage others talent, singing. Studying graphic designing course. Wish to make locality like slums, gally and other poor villages to treat them with one time of food, giving support to their shelter, food, health, clean etc.

SOCIAL ISSUE Our capital Delhi, most of them peoples are so poor, poor by their shelter, food etc. We can't give every day care. But we can care a day with them PROPOSED SOLUTION We can go there and know about their situations. And gives a hand by sharing food, making facilities about their shelters (like affording them blankets, jackets etc) We are decided to go to Delhi after this highly pandemic COVID-19 situation

CONCERNS Because in kerala there are so many hands to protect and care poor peoples. In delhi there is so much poor peoples. All peoples didn't get a care, there are so many teams to care about them. But that is so less. The condition of their lufe is very difficult PROJECT: Delhi, the capital of hunger DESCRIPTION This project is located on delhi. The capitap of India. By this project, we want to know their problems in their shelter, food etc. By this we can clear a part. We can know their healthy problems and give them medicines. We can give th food for a time, we can give them support to live eg- blankets, jackets, cooking items etc. And we can clean their area AIMS & OBJECTIVES

  • Make them happy and giving care and also offering a one time food and looking to their health


  • GOAL 3: Good Health and Well-being


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