Mohammed Seheer - Selected for The Social Hakathon 1.0

Mohammed Seheer is a Degree Student at Calicut University. He is also pursuing his PG in Darul Huda Islamic University. He is very interested in volunteering and providing care, help and support to others. He believes that doing something nice make him better day by day. His current plan is to settle down the poverty evil in Society by educating and empowering youth capacity on skill based training to mould them to self-sufficiency.




I would like to write letters on this issue to all world leaders. Putting some light on the seriousness of this issue. Seeking help from their big budget as getting special consideration to eradicate poverty.


Because, billions of humans are suffering from poverty. Even children die because of it.

PROJECT: Say No to Poverty


As Project name referred, my project targets a collaborative work and increasing help tendency in high class people and metropolitan citizens towards this issue.


  • GOAL 1: No Poverty


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