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Mohamed Murshid AP - Nominee - Social Volunteer Awards 2021

I am a Speaker, Youtuber, Life coach and social Volunteer.

  • executive member / director of positive commune Tirurangadi Chapter

  • *official campus Ambassador of IMUN

  • *Academic consultant at Avodha

  • *Founder /Director of Smart Education

  • *Former Radio Jockey at Radio Beats 91.6

  • *Former Radio Jockey @Voice World

  • *YouTube -Murshid Talks

  • Training, volunteeing is my Passion snd dream profession is to become a Professor i English.


Volunteering is my life. Through volunteering i spread love to all. The word humanity is completed when we volunteer in our life.Spread love, happiness and smile.


My Volunteering journey starts from 5 th standard through The Bharat Scouts and guides.

My inspiration and motivation is the happiness face of people.


My Volunteering journey starts during my 5 th standard education. Through The bharat scouts and guides. As a Scout i learned to make others happy and my self happy through social service. During my SSLC education i got the Rajyapuraskar Award from governor. This one of main motive to continue my volunteering journey. After that i work with many organizations, government organizations and clubs etc...

After my plustwo i got a great chance to meet great leaders including firos kunnamparambil, Nazar Mannu etc...

Me and my father and basi brother along with nazar mannu sir w together created a video to help pravasi peoples. That video highly viral and it is a graet miles stone in my volunteering journey. Also we created a msg video to help poor poples. After my plustwo life my mind always ready to do smeyhing and me and my my friends created a new venture named smart education to create change in our education system and volynteering journey. Through Smart education we created a lot f projects. Now i am many organization including palliative care etc... Volunteering is my life. Through volunteering i spread love to all. The word humanity is completed when we volunteer in our life.Spread love, happiness and smile.


SSLC Online Camp -Smart


Smart Education


Create a vibrant generation,also providing quality education, way to volunteering life. Together for better Tommorow


After my plustwo education in the corona pandemic my mind is full of something to do and first i told my friend ansil about creating a online camp for sdlc students and he completely support me after that we plannwd to set as a 3 day camp named smart online camp. We focused on sslc students and we invited interested persons to work with us almosr 10 members came and we start the journey.

2020 may 9, 19,11 we craated a awesome camp including 100 + particpants. And 7 + guests. Our program inaugurated by Mr Boby sir Adloscent Psychologist.

Our guests for programs👇

Abdul Majeed -Success Coach

Abu Thahir -Career Coach

Abdu Shareef P basi -Development Director Travel Teachers. In

Nirmal Sir - IAS

Hisham Areekod -Trainer

Hse Teachers etc...

Topics Covered

*How to success in life

*How to career after sslc

*How make ur life happy

*How to make your parents happy

After this camo we get a lot of great comments we continues our journey.


More than 100+ students participated.


I am the founding member of this project. And also i am using my skills to work with Society. My best skill is speaking and i am interested in training also through this trained 100 + students.


The particupants get well structure for their life. Also created a motive to positive life. A well career planning


  • GOAL 3: Good Health and Well-being

  • GOAL 4: Quality Education

  • GOAL 5: Gender Equality


  • *Rajyapuraskar Award @ Bharat Scouts and Guides.

  • *Participated 3 day online social work shop by idv kerala

  • *participated Souhridha camp held at calicut

  • *also participated more programs etc..


I want make more things in this world creating a world of positive atitude and humanity.

I think this two organizations help me.

Are you an aspiring volunteer, put your ideas into action at

National Volunteers Hackathon 2021

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