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Making sex educated India - The Incubated Project


Lack of sex education


It affects everyone until everyone educated. People who were marginalised by their+gender identity

  • sexual orientation,

  • women due to menstruation

  • severe chance for STDs

  • people unknown about their sexuality

  • sexually abused persons

  • As per 2019 report, India stands with 3rd rank in AIDS infected countries.

  • Every country is connected globally and everyone is able to get any information in their hand.

  • India has the largest adolescent population in the world, 253 million

  • There is no proper educational system in India for educating students

  • Most of the people going by the way of porn sites, movies, magazines etc.. These make them misinformed about sexual intercourse and sex

At this point, we can understand how is the importance of sex education. Improper education lead people into ugly conditions


People who think sex education is not discussed or who think it manipulates our culture and youth, were slaves of social, cultural and religious norms. Present

educational system is inadequate, moreover, teachers were not ready to teach it. They behave this way because that privileged group is not ready to accept others right and freedom to live, right to expression, right to work.


Social, religious, cultural beliefs of people, it is due to their lack of awareness and inadequate institutionalised educational system.


To provide the injustice of lack of sex education we will address, lack of knowledge, lack of awareness in people due to inadequate institutionalised educational system with cultural, social and religious beliefs by implementing proper awareness through collaborating different schools, clubs, youth organizations with step by step awareness campaigns within different age groups


  • A perfect social, cultural environment to openly talk, discuss topics of Sex education


  • Interview different people in different age group, people in different educational status, different cultural status.

  • Check working of present educational system.

  • Collaborate with researchers, health specialist for resources and campaigns

  • Forms primary team and provide complete sex education. After that, work along with them.

  • Awareness programs collaborating with local clubs, schools, organizations

  • Awareness for parents

  • Awareness for students


NAME OF TEAM: Making sex educated India

TEAM MEMBERS: Liba Mohammed


The Incubated Project through The Social Hackathon 1.0

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