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Mahmood Salman Sulfikar - Selected for The Social Hackathon 2.0

Mahmood Salman Sulfikar is a man who is ready to do a lot of good things for the society. He has proved that service is life through many pious deeds.He has served as a shade for many financially backward families and parents rushing to cure their children's illnesses. He has voluntarily donated blood (13 times) and is trying to find more blood donors and bring them forward for blood donation. He is working as joint convenor of youth team of an important organization that provides medical support and family support for children. He works very well in this organization. This is how his friends, the volunteers, describe him as "a treasure found by the way". He is involved in a number of important organizations, including helping others, providing medicine, delivering food, and providing educational support. During the 1st lockdown time (COVID-19), he was able to successfully complete the phone challenge for the child to study and the medical support for the treatment of a baby with cancer. He is now moving forward with a lot of pious deeds and seeing the progress of the community. Working with covid jagratha team in his panchayath area ( by distributing food items & medicines to the most needy in the community). He does not work for the growth of any organization, he always works for those who need help. His Startup (Move To Improve) a community group for doing good deeds and doing more innovative things to the society.

SOCIAL ISSUE We all know, every child is gifted and talented (varied potential). They rise up their talent through different media / ways (magazine from schools, TV programs, talent rise up programs and so on)... But take a look at the orphanages, they are always in that atmosphere. They also have a lot of talents. Their talents should be brought to the fore through magazine books and other media. "BLOOM UP THEIR TALENTS" The community should be made aware of their abilities


  • Introduce them about the magazines, talent hunt programs done in the community.

  • Release Magazine Yearly (Like done in schools).

  • Make more chances to participate in competitions, talent hunt programs, media programs

  • Train them for competitions done by any institutions

CONCERNS The children in the orphanage are only related to their surroundings... They need to develop their skills, give them more chances & confidence... The world needs to know them too. Rise up their talents like soda bubbles... Make them happy

PROJECT: Creating Stars DESCRIPTION Rise up the talents of kids in orphanages.(like other kids in schools).the world needs to know them too. Give more chances and make possibilities through social media, magazines, open stage programs.. Break the fences and support them to shine like a star... Talent development which helps them to become a good leader and their quality of education also improve.


  • Rise up the talent of kids in orphanages

  • Participate kids to public programs, international programs, make them more confident

  • Improve their education


  • GOAL 4: Quality Education


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