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Mahijith K - Selected for The Social Hackathon 4.0

Mahijith K is a social volunteer from Kozhikode and also the programme lead of Arise Campus Ambassador, North Zone. He was a part of various platforms like Bharat Scout and Guides, Student Police Cadet, National Service Scheme for nearly 4 years and many more. Currently, he is a B.Tech graduate and is looking for opportunities. As an enchanting personality, he loves to connect with people. Individuality is something that he prioritizes in his life and wishes to reflect it not only in his life but also in society. In his perspective, if everyone is accepted the way they are, it would result in a massive change for betterment.


About the lack of atmospheric oxygen, the natural calamities like flood and cyclone that happened in the last few years and extinction of sea ecosystem.


We are planing to plant saplings of mangroves in the costal areas and River beds of kerala.


It is because for the last few years as a keralite we were facing a lots of problems like flood, cyclones, extinction of sea ecosystem, and decrease of oxygen in the atmosphere.



Planning to make a database of mangroves with the help of GIS mapping or any new advance methods and then planting mangroves on the river beds and costal regions of Kerala.


  • To restore the ecosystem, make a natural green belt, to reduce the natural calamities like flood and cyclone, to prevent soil erosion, to increase the amount of atmospheric oxygen.


  • GOAL 13: Climate Action

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