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Life on Art - The Incubated Project


The injustice that I would like to address is the occupational segregation and social stigma faced by theatrical artists


Mostly affected by theatrical artists. Lack of availability of platform to perform, and no financial base leads to the occupational segregation of theatre community


There is no definite economic system in society for theatrical artists.

So they have to leave the theatre. As theatre organizations are not able to make the field of drama more popular, students who have completed drama studies are left out of the society as they do not have a steady source of income. The society and the responsible authorities are not aware of the problems of the artists


The root cause of this injustice is, theatrical art could not be popularized and that drama could not reach people from all walks of life. Because the theatre sector does not have a proper financial system.


To overcome the injustice of occupational segregation and social humiliation faced by theatre community we will address, the lack of availability of platform and proper financial system by creating a permanent theatre platform and establishing a proper financial system.


  • Providing a permanent theatre platform for unemployed artists.

  • Popularising the importance of theatre arts by organising many public theatre performance and combining all people from different fields

  • Establishing a proper financial system for theatre artist with the help of concern authorities.

  • To Bring theatrical artists to the forefront of society.

  • Ensure basic theatrical study aimed at the survival of the theatrical art