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Liba Mohammed - Selected for The Social Hackathon 1.0

Liba Mohammed is a first year BA Islamic History student in Maharaja's College, Ernakulam. She is a volunteer of The Gulmohar Foundation and believes volunteering will make her life more meaningful. She is aspiring social work as her profession, and she is aware about the major issues that pulls back our society especially the threats faced by the women in the everyday basis. She wants to challenge those threats and want to work for the betterment and safety of women across India.



Lack of sexual education in India and security of children and women



Only educated people can make change in this matter(not in number of degrees). We could give timely awareness for people. Sex education is not only for adults. It should be started from children below 10,each stage of human need their level of awareness and counciling. There will be many children and women who were the victims of improper education. Sometimes, they need timely counciling but there will be someone, who were not able to move forward. Their social environment is not ready to give them thier space in society, they need to stand in their side and fight for their rights and justice. So we have to give our mental, physical or financial support for them. So we need legal movements for that and these counciling and awareness Should need government support.



Me, as a woman, I know being a girl child is more challenging. From my childhood onwards, I witnessed for sexual and physical harassment for me and people around me. Family is the primary social institution unfortunately they believe,that is not their duty to understand their children about sex and sex education. Eventhough schools as secondary social institutions, we feel pitty towards them. Even sex education included in the syllabus, teachers were skipping chapters by thinking it is not their duty to teach about sex and what is sex education. Even in the 21st century, people of India believes menstruation a taboo. I am sure, if we are continuing these matters like this, there will be no change for India's social conditions. Therefore I believe everyone should need sex education and insecurity in the country must be changed.



Making sex educated India



  • Find out the ways to carry information for people *make India a secure place for its citizens



  • GOAL 5: Gender Equality


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