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Juvairia KK - Selected for The Social Hackathon

Juvairia is a Bsc. chemistry student, studying in Thiruvananthapuram, she wants to reduce the sexual abuses and rape cases against women and children in the society along with her team. For that, they formed a team with youngsters (Neethi) who wants to raise voice against the injustice happening around and to take actions by law enforcers. Already started sex education, awareness classes among the people. They have also shown their opposition to the current legal systems through songs and short films.


Sexual abuse and rapes against women and children


Sex education and awareness among each individual, to reduce the rate of sexual assault and abuses on child and women By raising my voice and fight against the injustice in the society and by law enforcers.


Day by day increased rates of sexual assault on children and women, which leads women to feel fear of walking out of homes. It should be changed.



A platform for youth to express their voice against rapes, sexual abuses and injustice in the society. We are connecting the younger generation of the society through social media platform. We are providing sexual awareness classes for both the parents and children through offline and online. Moreover, sexual awareness classes we are trying to provide the precaution methods against these type of Sexual harassments. And we are giving more importance to the victims to uphold their afterlife and to face the life situations.


  • Awareness to parents and children Child sexual abuse & rape should not happen. Trying to change the society by changes starting from us


  • GOAL 16: Peace and Justice Strong Institutions


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