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Jomy Thomas - Selected for The Social Hackathon 3.0

Jomy Thomas is a media student hailing from Nedumkandam Idukki Dtc. Along with his Masters in Communication and Media Studies (Marian College Kuttikkanam) He is actively involved in various other social programs. When he did an internship at Radio Neythal 107.8 Alappuzha, he was able to understand the plight of those in the coastal region. With the help of many people, they were able to collect Rs. 50,000 / - at the same time and give it to them. It was from this experience that he thought about the living conditions of people in an area like bonami and wanted to work for the upliftment of people in bonami as part of the social hackathon.


Struggles and hardships of workers of "'Bonami estate" at Ealappara in Idukki.

The plight of farmers in the Idukki, Elappara and Bonami estates, which have been completely closed for six years, is a direct reading of a mountain of persecution that is changing the direction of development for the lower strata of society. M. M. J. The Bonami Estate, owned by the Plantation Group, has been partially closed since 2002 and completely closed since 2014. The plantation, which had been thriving for years, was lost and closed from 2002 to July 7. The plantation was reopened in 2007 but closed again in 2014. At first there were 467 workers in the plantation. Many workers fled the area as their livelihoods were cut off. The number of workers fell from 467 to 167. An old MP from Elappara says: “The company that abandoned the plantation in 2000! The company reopened in 2007 with workers' benefits based on negotiations, but closed again in 2014. The plantation workers have been in a lot of trouble since then.


By providing classes, campaigns and workshops for the young ones and the parents about the needs of primary heath and education. First need to place peoples into different groups according to their likes, dislikes and current situation (health, education etc) government ignores them, they don't even know how to protest back due to lack of information and education. People can be given classes, workshops to make the more about their rights and needs. By providing the information about the vast opportunities outside the estate, desire to achieve the goals for a better future can be made inside them. It is essential to makes sure the authorities and the society is aware about the pathetic situation of the estate workers. Flash mob, street plays etc can be conducted.


We believe that the power to make changes in the society by using skill we already have. since we are Media Studies students, rehabilitation and the reinforcement of marginalised sections are our focus areas. condition of the families in BONAMI estate is pathetic, the world needs to know about them. It is essential to aware them about their rights and ensure a better living for them, anyone with a social concern and love for the brotherhoods will usually interfere in such human interest cases. and if we can show the world (society)about their hardships, may be some others with helping mentality can provide them a better life.



The project mainly focuses on plight of farmers in the Idukki, Elappara and Bonami estates. They have been completely closed for six years and the plantation workers have been in a lot of trouble since 2014. Workers are living in dire straits today. Their livelihoods include income from free ration wages provided by government and employment in other plantations. Through this project, we are trying to solve the employment problems


  • To uplift the plantation workers from their existing plight. To solve the unemployment issues and to ensure that their rights are protected.


  • GOAL 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth

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